Monday, June 30, 2014

We had a baptism!


This week was crazy. We had a few trainings and we had to prepare our training for missionary council. We trained on steps 1-5 of WPS. It was fun. We had a funny biyu that the assistants helped us with. This next week my pday will be on WEDNESDAY. We have specialized training starting next week so our pday got switched. Also next next week, it will be on WED as well due to the temple. :) So don't freak out if i don't email on monday. Tomorrow we are going to the east coast for 4 days to go finding!! I'm going to Taidong!! woo!!! pray that i wont get eaten alive!! ahh. okay i dont have much time. here is what happened this week. 

This week was really busy and great! I always love missionary council, even if I have to stand up there and talk in front of everyone. :) Thanks for helping me overcome my fears. We had 3 exchanges this week and all of them went really well. And to end the week, we had an awesome baptism!

As for Jin Hua, we had a wonderful baptism this last week! Our little 9 year old, Zheng tongxue, got baptized! Her dad was able to attend as well! It was so cool to see him there. I think he really felt the spirit. Zheng tongxue was really nervous and scared before her baptism and wasn't in the best mood but she finally built up the courage to go into the water. I was so proud of her! When she came out of the water, she literally was a different girl. She was SO happy and not in a bad mood anymore. She said that she felt really good. I know she was filled with the spirit and that her mom was watching over her from the other side. When she got confirmed on Sunday, she was really nervous to go up there, but she did it and after church I asked her how she felt and she said she felt really warm inside. She has changed and progressed so much and I can't wait for her to one day go to the temple and do work for her mom. She has such a big desire to go to the temple. What a miracle little girl!! Heavenly Father has definitely blessed us this month and really does answer our prayers! 

We have this cute little 16 year old girl investigator, Liu tongxue. We had an awesome plan of salvation lesson with her and she really loved the resurrection part. I also asked her how she felt about baptism and she said she was really excited. She said she wanted to be a better person. She said that her parents don't fandui her coming to church and meeting with us. Miracle!! I'm praying that they won't fandui her getting baptized. She was going to come to church this weekend but had a fever. I asked her if we could meet her family and she said that her older sister might be interested in learning the gospel. I'm excited to meet her! 

We are meeting with Wu DX tonight. We are praying this lesson goes really well and that it will be filled with the spirit. His baptism date is this weekend and he really needs to make the decision if he wants to do the interview or not. He is ready, he just doesn't have faith in himself. I've been praying really hard for him this past week. He was in Yilan over the weekend and was going to attend church there but they had stake conference in Taipei. I have faith that through my mighty prayers every night for him, he will get baptized before he goes to Thailand in 2 weeks. I know he can do it! I'm just hoping that through the powers of heaven, he will make the decision to get baptized. I can just picture his family in the temple getting sealed next year! I really want to be here for his baptism. 

This morning I read Ether 2 and it is all about mighty prayer! The brother of Jared offers a mighty prayer and God grants him the desires of his heart. He had such great faith! I hope that my prayers can be mighty like the brother of Jared. I know that God has the power to do miracles if we express our desires to him in faith. I'm trying to do that every day. I know that we can call upon the powers of heaven to help us. 

Sister Miao and I are doing well. I think she is a little stressed and really tired but she can do it. She asks me how I'm able to power through everything and not get tired. I told her that I'm super tired but I have to keep going or else I'll get behind and be not as diligent. I want to be diligent until the end. I want to keep encouraging her and help build her faith.She is an awesome missionary. I think she is still adjusting to life here. I love her a lot. It's been a good learning experience for me. I love the work and I don't want it to end. 

Love you all!
Sister Chao

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