Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tsunami on the east coast


Rachel, can you update my blog? thanks!!! :) 

Today is temple day! We will be going in a few hours. Next week my Pday will also be on WEDNESDAY because of specialized trainings. I went to Taidong for the missionary tsunami last week. There were 14 companionships who went down to the east coast to FIND for 4 days straight. I was paired up with a new missionary and she was awesome. we had a great time. Saw so many miracles. We were out in the hot sun all day just finding and biking. everyone got super sunburned. i forgot how hot the summers got there. and there was no AC in the room we slept in. so great. i never sweated so much in my life. i loved the east coast. we also had specialized training this week in xinzhu and taoyuan. tomorrow we will go to Hualien and Friday to Taidong for more trainings. We will fly back with president on Saturday morning. I'm staying super busy. Our training is on effectively using our daily planners. President said our training had to be fun so we thought of a this fun game to play with all the missionaries. It was pretty successful. I am excited to go back to the east coast again. we have been traveling everywhere. its been kinda crazy. Next week is busy with more trainings. i learn so much from them every time. It's always filled with the spirit. I hope things are going well back home. I'm trying to type super fast. sorry if there are lots of mistakes. there is no time!!!! we had to go to the library to email today and we only have 30 minute blocks and then we have to wait in line again. ahh. okay keep me updated on whats going on in your lives. 

Last week's tsunami was awesome! I had a really good time with Sister Branch and saw lots of miracles. It was fun training Sister Branch for a few days. It was a good experience. I think she really got to LOVE finding. One cool finding miracle we had was on the last day. We were out at 8AM and didn't quite know where we should knock because it was so early and most of the people out at that time were old people. We wanted to find a family. We rode around and finally saw this really old small alley way with not very many houses. We decided to stop and try to knock there. It seemed like no one had knocked there before. After about 20 minutes, we had no success but we decided to knock one last door hiding right around the corner. This young mom came out and talked to us and prayed with us. We talked about how the gospel can bless her family and about baptism. She said that we could come back next week to share more with her. We were so happy that we stayed and found her. It was a good miracle to see to wrap up our tsunami experience. We also got some good sun that morning. :) I think the Lord really blessed the east coast last week. I can't believe we exceeded our new investigator goal by a lot! He is definitely hastening the work down there. I'm so happy I got to be apart of it. 

As for Jin Hua, we had one investigator come to church on Sunday. We have been teaching Chen JM for awhile and she finally finished all her tests and was able to come to church. She really liked it too. We were planning for her to get baptized this end of the month but she said that she might be going on vacation next sunday. She is progressing a little more everyday now that her tests are done. She even exercises with us in the morning sometimes. We have another investigator, Liu tongxue, who is progressing pretty fast. She said that she really wants to get baptized and be a better person. She is only 16 and has she has such high goals. She was so excited to come to church on Sunday but she slept in and didn't hear our phone calls or her alarm in the morning. I was so sad! She had a baptism date for the 26th, but it looks like we will have to change it. I really want to see her baptized before I go home. I'm praying that she will come this Sunday! 
Some bad news, our dad that we are teaching, Wu DX, had an interview scheduled for last Thursday while we were on the east coast, but he texted me right before and said he didn't want to go because he didn't feel ready. I was so sad and almost wanted to cry because we have prayed and fasted for him so many times and it just doesn't seem like he is progressing anymore. Satan is really getting at him hard. He is ready but he just doesn't see it. He said that he doesn't want to get baptized just because missionaries told him to, which I agree. I like how serious he is taking it, but he just doesn't have much faith in himself. I can just see his family in the temple one day. He is going to Thailand next week for 2+ weeks and I hope it doesn't make him forget about what he has learned. I know Heavenly Father is really testing my faith right now. I just have high hopes for this man and his family. I know that this gospel can change and bless this family so much! 

The specialized trainings we had so far went really well. I definitely felt the spirit at both the Xinzhu and Taoyuan zones. Thanks for that wonderful prayer. The spirit was so strong in the room. I know that I need to have more faith in Heavenly Father right now. Our area is struggling a little bit but I know Heavenly Father will take care of it while we are gone. I need to trust that everything will work out and that we will be able to find those who are prepared and help our current investigators progress. I've been thinking of ways how I could be a better example and magnify my calling here at the temple. The sisters in  the mission are awesome and I want to be able to help them. 

I'm really glad that I'm staying really busy this transfer. It was helped me be more diligent until the end. I'm sad this is my last transfer! Sister Miao is great. She is a good example to me. Thanks for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to more specialized trainings and exchanges this next week. 

Love you all!
Sister Chao

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