Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My last time going to the east coast


Wow! I can't believe time is flying by so fast. It just gets faster and faster and we still have so much to do before the transfer ends!!! This last week, we went to Hualien and Taidong for specialized training. My last time before I leave. I got to see 2 of my RCs which was really happy. I miss Taidong. It really is the promised land. We had specialized training in Beitou last night and something really funny happened. So we split up with the companionships in the zone and accompany them in one of their lessons after the training. I was put with a companionship in Beitou and my companion went to Tianmu. President and sister Day were supposed to pick me up in beitou at the end of the night and then drive to tianmu to pick my companion up. There was some miscommunication and they thought I would meet them in Tianmu, but they didnt see me there when they got there. So they had to drive back to beitou and pick me up and we got home pretty late. It was funny and I felt really bad for President. But all is well now. :) Its always an adventure here. We have a 2 day mission leadership seminar that starts tomorrow and one more specialized training next week. Then we start getting ready for new missionaries to come in! yay! I love it here in taiwan and i love my mission. I really dont want to come home!!!!! i wish i had one more transfer here!  anyways here is what happened this week: 

It was so fun to attend all the specialized trainings this past week. Every single meeting had a special feeling and a sweet spirit. Although we weren't in our area very much, we were fortunate enough to see so many miracles on the east coast. The Ji'an sisters has a golden investigator who has a strong desire to change and be baptized. I was also lucky to teach an LA in Taidong and the sisters taught her all about the temple and about family history. She is starting to come back to church and is really interested in family history work. I was also really happy that I got to see Becky and Chen JM in Taidong. Becky just has a glow to her now and seems like a completely different person. So much happier! This Gospel really does change people's lives. 

We had a cool miracle here in Jin Hua. Both of our RC's Shi JM and Wendy gave talks on Sunday about missionary work. They are both ward missionaries. Their talks blew my mind and it seems like they've been members for years. I was really impressed. I'm so proud of them and how much they have progressed in the gospel these past few months. They have already gone to the temple and Shi JM is getting ready to receive her patriarchal blessing before she goes back to China. She is going to be such a great example and leader in China. The Lord really prepared her here in Taiwan to learn of the Gospel so she can be a great missionary in China. Wendy brought her mom to church to hear her speak. Her mom originally wasn't going to come but I invited her to ask her again, and she came! Her mom really loved it and stayed for all three hours. We invited her mom to the Morphis family fireside and she and her brother came! They both became our new investigators and we are excited to teach them and get to know them more. Wendy told us that her dad is really against our church but maybe the Lord will soften his heart. I hope Wendy's mom remembers the feeling she had at church on Sunday. Everyone was so welcoming to her as well. The ward is great at helping the missionaries out! I'm really lucky to be in the Jin Hua ward. I've never seen a ward so willing to do missionary work and so supportive of the missionaries. 

Another cool miracle that happened last week was with our investigator Chen tongxue. We've been teaching her for awhile on and off but she has more time to meet with us now. She is the type of person that has to ask a question that opposes to what you just taught her. It's been an interesting experience but she loves the missionaries and still has a desire to learn. We have been trying to get her to kneel with us in prayer at the end of the lesson and finally after 10 minutes of waiting for her to kneel, she did it!!! We talked a lot about humility and currently, she doesn't want to be more humble, but finally said she would "try" to kneel. I felt like that was HUGE progress with her. She has a pride thing going on, but I know the spirit can soften her heart. Sister Miao and I really want to change this person! I think we can do it, along with the spirit! It might take a little time, but I really do see her getting baptized next month. 

Last week was a little rough for me. I had a hard time feeling happy. I don't really know how to explain it but I'm good now. I think I was just stressed about my companion and not having many investigators progressing, or just investigators in general. They just seem to die off real quick sometimes. My faith was definitely being tried this week. Our family that we are teaching is going to Thailand this week and Wu DX won't be back until I leave. He has grown so much in the gospel and I think I was just sad that I won't get to see him baptized. We've worked so hard with him. I know Sister Miao will help him get baptized when he gets back though. We have one investigator who is golden, but it's summer, so she has been gone a lot with her family. I think I was just really excited to have all these baptisms that were supposed to happen this end of the month but now won't end up happening until after I leave. I know it is all up to the Lord and His timing. I need to follow the Lord's will. Lately I've been praying to do the Lord's will and seeking His help in having more faith and happiness! I'm sad that we won't have a baptism this month but there are about 2 investigators who I know will be ready in August. I'm fasting for them today, and I know Sister Miao will take good care of them. 

See you all soon! Love you!
Sister Chao

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