Thursday, June 26, 2014

My last transfer!


Happy Birthday Kaitlin!!! I can't wait to go to the temple with her!!! 

Wow, I dont even know what happened last week. We had 7 new missionaries come in and we got to make pancakes for them and do some training. It was fun. I also got a new companion! She is a native and my only native companion i will ever have. FINALLY!!! I think I'm the only sister missionary that has gone this long without a native companion. She is really great and I hope my chinese will get better. I have to help her with her english though. We are going to be really busy this transfer with the missionary tsunami going on next week on the east coast. We get to go to the east coast for 4 days and find every day! wooo! Also we have specialized training coming up after that. yay! The weeks just get busier and busier. and we have a BAPTISM this saturday!!!!! Our little 9 year old girl passed her interview! She used to be scared of me and not talk to me but now she loves me! Our member said that she talks about me all the time. so cute. ha. hopefully she wont be scared on the day of her baptism. Well, I'm going strong for the next 6 weeks. No time for rest. I'm really happy to be here and I've learned so much and still am learning. I dont want it to end! The mission really is the best decision i've ever made! 

I can't believe I'm starting my last transfer! It's going by so fast. I want to make this transfer the best and work my hardest. I'm glad we will be very busy. I'm excited for specialized training and the tsunami again on the East Coast. 

The biggest and bestest news that I have for you is that our little 9 year old investigator, Zheng tongxue, passed her interview and will be getting baptized this Saturday! President, the powers of heaven is so real!!! I don't think I've ever prayed so hard/mightily this whole month for her and for a few other investigators. Mighty prayer everyday really brings the miracles! I really wanted to do the invite this month of having one baptism and I was getting really worried that we might not have one. When she passed her interview, I was so happy because she was having a little tantrum right before. I have seen this little girl grow so much. She has had a hard life and she used to not talk to me before. Now she will give me hugs! Her dad said that he will attend her baptism. I'm so excited. The member that takes her of her has really played a huge role in this. When she was having a little tantrum and in a bad mood before the interview, we showed her the temple books and went to the temple window. She LOVES the temple and as soon as she finished looking in the book, she was happy again. She said that she wanted to help her mom get baptized in the temple one day. My heart just melted right there. Here is a 9 year old girl who has the biggest desire to go to the temple. I hope that she won't be in a bad mood on the day she gets baptized! 

We had a good lesson with the Wu DX and his family. He came to church this Sunday and so did his wife! They only stayed for one hour though. His date is next Saturday and I hope he makes it. I've prayed and fasted and still am praying so hard for him and his family. I can just see them getting sealed in the temple. Something is just holding him back from making the decision to get baptized. He really liked the article we gave him from the Liahona about the Holy Ghost and about prayer. Him and his family go to Thailand on July 19th and I really hope he gets baptized before then. I know he is ready, but he doesn't know that. He doesn't have enough faith. His wife said that she and the kids will get baptized if he gets baptized, but she doesn't fully understand the commandments or the "why" of the Gospel, she is just doing it because Wu DX is. She and the kids will need more time to develop the faith and foundation. However, I have faith Wu DX can get baptized very soon. We are praying so much for this family. 

We had a few great finding miracles this week and hopefully these new investigators stick. I know July will be really busy but I know Heavenly Father will continue to bless us. 

Sister Miao is awesome and such a lihai missionary. I want to help her with her English, but I always forget to talk to her in English. I want to improve my Chinese as well. She is the first and the last Taiwanese companion I will ever have. We have English days and Chinese days. Hopefully we will remember. She is great and I know she will do wonderful things here at the Temple. 

okay love you all!
Sister Chao

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