Sunday, June 1, 2014


Hi Family! 

Gugu gave me so much food!!! thanks! Mom thanks for the goldfish and nuts. :) Ashley is SO tall!!! She is big now. 

So this past week was really crazy. We took the train down to Hualien, drove with president and the assistants to Taidong from Hualien, and took the train back to Taipei. We had 3 exchanges on the east coast and they all went really well. We got to sleep on the tile floor...probably the worst sleep of my life, but that was fun. I loved going back to Taidong and seeing my recent converts. Mom, Shi JM says hi and she wants to talk to you her maybe? It was fun seeing Lily again. She is going a little less active, which is sad. She was really excited to see me though. I love taidong and the members there. Today the sun came out!!!! first pday with sun in a long time. Rachel, thanks for updating the blog. People tell me they read it. Veronica, thanks for the pictures. they are so cute! Our investigator from China got baptized!!!! WOO!! it was a good baptism. loved it. i love missionary work! 

Probably the best thing that happened this week was that Shi JM got baptized! It was such a good baptismal service filled with the spirit. She was so excited and not scared at all. She was so prepared...right from the beginning. Heavenly Father really put her in our paths at the right time and place. She felt the spirit so strong and started to cry when all the missionaries sang to her. The best thing, the next day in church, she interviewed with the bishop and got her temple recommend! She is really excited to go to the temple next. I have really loved teaching her and seeing her change. The church in China will need her. I feel like she will be a great influence where she lives. What an incredible experience! 

We didn't have that much time in our area this week but we still saw some miracles. We were able to find 3 new investigators. Our family that we are teaching came to church. Wu DX came on time but the rest of his family missed the sacrament. We are hoping Wu DX can get baptized soon. He has a lot of doubts right now, but he hasn't drank any coffee recently. So that has been good. His wife really likes church but that's about it. We are trying to get his wife and daughter develop more faith. I can really see how the Gospel has changed his life and made him happier. 

Right now, I feel like we don't have many people to teach but I believe we will find the prepared, just like how we found Shi JM. I really want to sanctify myself even more and give everything I have to the Lord. I know those prepared people are out there. I know Heavenly Father is really testing my faith right now. But I believe after the trial of our faith, we will be blessed! 

Love you all...send me more pictures. 

Sister Chao

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