Monday, June 9, 2014

I need your prayers

Hi Family! 

Hope everyone had a good week!!! Last week was probably one of the most stressful weeks of the mission but I survived! We had a sister go home because she got in an accident and broke her collar bone. We have another sister really sick and is going home this week and an elder who is really sick as well and maybe going home this week! Let's pray that we don't have anymore sick missionaries going home!!! Zone conferences started last week as well. We get to attend all of them. We do a sisters training with Sister Day. It's pretty great. We get to fly to Hualien and Taidong this week!!! I'm so excited! No train ride for me!!! That means i won't get train sick! yay. It will be an interesting/weird experience. I'm excited to go back to the east coast. I was able to do 2 exchanges this week in Songshan and Yilan. That was fun. We just had a crazy week and our investigators aren't progressing like we want them to. Pray for them and for us to find the more prepared people!!! I'm just a little worried...I really hope we have a baptism this month. Our mission invite for the month is every companionship a baptism. I just feel a little stressed sometimes about having to be the perfect example and I hope we will be able to accomplish our goals. Anyways, i love the mission life...even though it creates huge bags under my eyes and i feel like ive aged 50 years. :) 

okay here is part of the update i sent president. sorry not much time today. 

Every week just gets faster and faster. I must say, last week was pretty exhausting and emotionally draining. But I'm loving the work, wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I'm sure you and Sister Day felt that as well. Thanks for all your help with all the sick missionaries and what not. I'm sure that was a little stressful, especially with zone conferences. 

I felt like the breakout session with the sisters at the zone conferences went really well. It's always fun to have a little bit of just sisters time. They needed it. Sisters and Elders are just so different! :) I'm excited for another week full of zone conferences. 

Our family we are teaching is not really progressing as fast anymore. Wu DX, the dad, was supposed to get baptized on Saturday but he said he didn't feel ready yet. We had a really good/spiritual lesson with him and President Zhou from the temple presidency helped us peike. They have met at church before. Zhou Huizhang talked about the importance of baptism and of the priesthood. They were able to talk for a few more minutes after the lesson and Zhou Huizhang said that Wu DX is depressed right now. Wu DX is really hard on himself and expects perfection. He feels like he can't be the perfect member after he is baptized. I think he still has the desire to be baptized but he said not right now. We are still praying for a miracle right now. We are hoping he can still get baptized this month. We know he is ready! We share with him a scripture in D&C 6 about how his prayers have already been answered and what did he expect more of. He just feels like he needs a bigger feeling and a more sure confirmation. His wife and kids are doing the invites so they aren't really progressing. We are meeting with them tonight and I hope we can get them all on board again. I have just felt a little sad or stressed about the whole situation because we felt like we practically did everything right with him and his family - inviting the best peikes and having really powerful, spirit filled lessons - yet everything is not really working out the way we hoped it would. Wu DX is still reading and praying everyday. I know it all comes down to his choice and agency but we felt like he would for sure make his date and then when he  told us he didn't want to get baptized yet, we were so sad! I'm praying for a miracle with him!!! Satan is really getting at him right now. 

We are also teaching a 9 year old girl right now. Zheng tongxue is member's child's friend. She has been to church 3 times and we set a date with her for the 28th. It is hard to find time to meet with her because she goes to her grandma's house everyday so we can only meet with her about once a week because her mom died a few years ago. We talked to her dad and he gave us permission to meet with her and set that date. He currently is not interested in the Gospel but he has no problem with her coming to church with her friend. She is a little slower at learning but she says that she loves coming to church. The member really takes good care of her. I have confidence she will make the 28th! I'm praying that her dad doesn't change his mind or anything. 

We had a really good temple tour with a member's friend. He lives in Zhonghe but the tour was so good! He has met with the missionaries before in Kaohsiung and Zhonghe a long time ago. The tour was just filled with the spirit and we invited him to baptism and set a date with him! He agreed! He seemed really golden and I was excited to call the Zhonghe elders and give them that referral. 

This week we found a ton of great people for other missionaries. We have been struggling on finding people that live in our area. It's been a little rough and stressful. I feel like we don't have many people to teach right now. A lot of our new investigators have been dying off too. I'm getting a little worried but I think Heavenly Father is just trying our faith right now. We really just need to find the prepared people who actually WANT this. I really want to accomplish this month's invite of having a baptism. I'm praying we will see a miracle! We need it!! But I also have to remind myself that taking care of our sisters is just as important. I know our area will take care of itself if I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing and giving it my best effort. I was so sad to see Sister Crofts in so much pain the other day. I just wanted to help her but I couldn't. I'm glad to see that Sister Wilhelm is doing a lot better. They are both great missionaries and have gone through a lot. We are praying for the sisters everyday.  

okay love you all! 
Sister chao

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