Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy cinco de mayo


Can't wait to skype you all next week. so just be on the watch for when i will go online. I will skype anytime between 10am-11am on may 12 in taiwan. Probably closer to 11am. hopefully everything will go smoothly. don't know where im doing it yet. just be online all day. haha. i got sick again! ugh. had a fever and body aches all through church yesterday and my nose was all congested. When i get fevers, my eyes start to water...its funny. our investigator thought that i was just super gandong during sacrament meeting and that's why i was "crying"...but in reality i was just having a fever. haha. so funny. i feel better today though. just blowing my nose like crazy. but all is well. im taking some onguard. the mission is just crazy! Dad, I see Brother Li a lot. He said he is going back to California next week or something. The new missionaries come in this week!!! Cant wait to meet them. We get to do some training with them this Thursday and make pancakes for them. :) Transfer meeting is Friday and this time i can attend and just relax since I know im not moving or anything. That's the nice thing about being in the office. I'm excited to see everyone. Lots of missionaries are going home. We had missionary leadership council this last week and we trained on having a more spiritual personal and companionship study. it went really well. it was a good meeting. always gets me pumped to do missionary work even better! 

I just wanted to tell you how much I loved missionary leadership council this week! It was filled with the spirit and I learned so much. It just made me want to work even harder, especially with following the spirit. This week went pretty well but I feel like there is a ton we need to jia you on for this week. We've been struggling finding new investigators, especially those who will stick. We have had so many other lessons and have found a lot of people who are willing to meet with the missionaries, but they don't live in our area. It was very much a team Jesus week. I'm hoping that this week we will find more people that actually live in our area and will have a desire to learn about the Gospel. I know there are prepared people everywhere. I'm praying that the Lord will lead us to those who are prepared in our area. I know that also comes from following the spirit! 

Probably the best thing that happened this week was that we had 4 investigators at church! It was a big improvement from last week. We are teaching a family of 4 and they all came except one of their daughters. Wu DX is the only really progressing one out of all of them. He arrived at church 10 minutes early and I asked him where his wife and daughters were since he said that they were all coming the night before. He told us that his wife had to take the kids somewhere and wouldn't be coming. Zhou Huizhang sat with him and got to know him. They live really close to each other. Then as Sacrament meeting started, I looked at the doors and saw Wu DX's wife and little daughter standing at the door. We hurried over to them and showed her where her husband was sitting. We were so surprised that she came! Every  time we taught her, she seemed the least interested. I was so happy to see her at church. After Sacrament meeting, we were going to show them where to go next, but the daughter is really shy and doesn't like to be in an environment full of new people so Wu JM had to take her home because she didn't want to stay any longer. However, Wu JM really wanted to stay and was really curious about Sunday School. It was a miracle that they all came. Maybe Wu JM will start progressing more. We want to get Wu DX baptized soon since we think he is more prepared than his family. Tonight we are meeting with him and hopefully we can stress the importance of baptism even more. I don't think he quite understands how important it is with the right authority. He was baptized when he was younger too. 

The other investigator that came to church was Shi JM. She is the lady we are teaching from China. She is a student here and is an Atheist. She has progressed a lot since we first met her. She is reading and praying everyday. She even stayed for the whole 3 hours of church! After church, she stayed and chatted and ate lunch with everyone. She met a lot of members and has become great friends with one of them. She also came to the Fireside. She is just soaking it all up and loves it. She said that she attended a different church before but it was a completely different feeling. She said that she really likes how spiritual our meetings are. We are hoping she comes every Sunday this month so she can get baptized on the 24th! I feel like the Gospel has already changed her life a lot. She just seems so much happier now. She just glows! I love her! I can just see her being a Young Women's leader in her ward in China one day. It has been a great experience teaching someone from China. Even though we can't proselyte in China, the Lord is finding other ways for people there to learn about the Gospel. It's so cool!

We are also teaching a Chen tongxue. We can't quite figure out if our investigator is a girl or a boy. It's been kinda weird. But Chen tongxue has been progressing slowly. He really wants to see evidence of things and then he will believe. We are trying to tell him that sometimes he has to rely on what he feels and thinks. We are going to talk about the spirit tonight when we meet with him. He has been starting to pray everyday so that has been good. Hopefully he will be able to progress even more this week. 

okay love you all!
sister chao

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