Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello again! 

It was so good to skype with everyone!!! The family is so crazy! So many kids and they are all growing up so fast. Everyone is taller. I probably won't be able to eat with Gugu...the white handbook said that we should refrain from seeing family on the mission. I will ask President Day though and see what he says. Send me some pictures from mother's day. I can't believe I will be home in 3 months! Please continue looking for housing for me! Rachel, can you update my blog? Thanks!! Here is what happened this week. 

We had a miracle while knocking doors. I love knocking doors. I hadn't done it in awhile and kind of forgot how it felt. We knocked into this business in this small apartment building and this young guy named David opened the door. He was the only one in the office and was waiting for a package to come before he went home. He was so nice but it seemed like he didn't have much interest when we said hello. For some reason this contact reminded me of my investigator Zhang DX when Sister Bennion and I found him. I had a feeling to keep talking to David. We shared about baptism but he was unsure about it. He thought prayer was a cool feeling and very different. We asked if he would be willing to meet with us again and he said yes! We set up a time for next week. I think the spirit was really working on him as we were talking to him. He loosened up a bit and started to have more interest. I'm excited to see where this goes. He really needs purpose to his life! I know this Gospel can really help him be happier. 

Yesterday was probably the most glorious Sunday of my mission. The sun was shining and our family, Wu Jiating, came to church. Sacrament meeting had started and they still didn't show up. They said that they were running late. The sacrament hymn started and I was worried they wouldn't make it. Sure enough we see them walk in after the Sacrament portion and they had taken the sacrament outside. I was so happy to see them and the BEST part of it was that Wu DX came in a white shirt and tie! It was his first time wearing that in 20 years! I could just see him as the next priesthood leader in the ward. It was so cool! Then I see his wife come in and his 2 daughters. I must say, teaching a family has been such an indescribable experience. Seeing them change just makes me so happy inside. I feel so blessed to have this experience. We met with the family last week and the dad, Wu DX, is progressing the most. He has read up to 2 Nephi. I asked him how the BOM has changed his life and he said that he has a better attitude and temper now. His wife also noticed that. His wife hasn't been reading the BOM. I wish he would read with her, but they never do. At first I thought his wife wasn't into this whole church thing but she asked us out of the blue where the church was in Thailand. They are planning on going there for vacation in July and she said she wanted to go to church there. That really surprised me. She actually wants to go to church, even on vacation! I think she really wants her daughters to grow up in the church. We are struggling with her daughters a little bit. They don't seem to care for church, but maybe their parents' example with change them. Wu DX said that he might take them to English class to get them used to the feeling of being in a church building. We want to teach Wu DX about the importance of the Priesthood this week. I think that will really help their family. I'm praying that he will want to get baptized next week. I know he is ready! 

Our investigator from China, Shi JM, also came to church. This was her second time and she is loving it. The members love her and she is not afraid to talk to people and ask questions. She just fits right into the ward. She also attended our BOM reading group. She is just soaking everything up really well. She feels like baptism is a really big decision and doesn't know if she could get baptized that fast. She has a date for this month and I know she is prepared. She just has a hard time recognizing that God has really answered her prayers and is showing her He really does exist. We point that out to her every lesson we have with her. We want to continue helping her see that her prayers really are being answered. I love teaching Shi JM and seeing her change. The gospel really does change people and it is obvious too! She is so much happier now! 

We have another investigator Chen tongxue that we are working with. She has so many questions every time we meet with her. She thinks things through so thoroughly and questions everything. She has been praying and reading the BOM which has been really good. The only thing we are trying to get her to do now is to come to church. She has class every Sunday morning until July. I feel like she would progress so much faster if she could just come to church. I know she would love it. She is also someone I have seen change so much from reading the BOM. The BOM is such a POWERFUL tool!!! I can tell the Gospel is starting to give her more direction in life and focus on what is really important. 

love you!
Sister Chao

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