Monday, May 12, 2014

Miracle week... Also biggest miracle of my mission thus far


First pday next week will be on dont freak out when i dont email next monday. We are going to the temple on Wednesday so that becomes our pday. 

Second off...Happy Birthday Keely! 

Third...we had a traumatic cockroach experience this week. We came home one night and Sister Barden goes and uses the bathroom. Next thing I hear is her screaming and running out. She said there was a huge cockroach crawling on the wall behind her when she was washing her hands. Mind you, the cockroaches here are HUGE! This one was about 3 inches. And some of the big ones here fly. There were lots in Taidong. So its almost 9:30PM and we still need to plan. I however still need to use the bathroom, but we are too scared to go in. We call the office elders and assistants who just live like a street away. However they couldnt help us until the next morning since it was past 9:30. They were all dying laughing. Our district leader Elder Zheng called President Day and told him about it! hahaha. President Day calls Sister Barden and gives her a pep talk about going and killing it. haha. i was dying laughing. So we open the door and tip toe in the bathroom with a huge shoe in my hand. sure enough, i cant find it anywhere! I looked in the shower too and couldnt find it. okay so the next night comes along and I'm taking a shower and all of a sudden I see the HUGE cockroach in the shower next to me. I didn't have my contacts in so I was blind and was like what is that?! Then I realized what it was and screamed and ran out of the shower with my towel and was a little scared...okay maybe a lot. I didn't even finish showering!!! Since it was too late, we couldn't do anything about it. We just went to bed and the next morning the Elders came during exercise and killed it. So funny. It was just a hilarious experience and such a freaky experience. I hate the cockroaches in Taiwan. AHH....its fun being in the office since everyone lives so close and get the cockroaches out of your apartment for you. 

Oh and this week we had a mini road trip adventure to the airport. There was this sister missionary leaving for the states because her visa came. She is going to Canada for her mission but has been in our mission for a few weeks. Well since the office elders had to drop her off, her companion would need a companion so President Day asked us to go with them. Guess what time we had to leave?! 5 AM!!! So we woke up at 4:30 AM and the office elders and us went to go pick up the sisters in Neihu. Then we went to Taoyuan airport, then to somewhere else to drop the other sister off. it was a fun mini road trip but it lets just say all of us were so tired. We got back and had to continue to do the work. I think I had the biggest headache that day but it was fun. It was really weird being in the airport. 

This week was just a week full of miracles! I don't even know how we were able to have 35 lessons. It kind of just happened. We have been blessed so much. We also had 2 exchanges.

The first exchange we went on was with the Xinzhu sisters. I was able to go back to Xinzhu with Sister Bennion. The biggest miracle of my mission happened on this exchange. We met with the investigator that we found together last transfer from knocking. When we first met him, he didn't want to listen to what we had to say and started closing the door, but I decided to lean a little bit on the door so he wouldn't close it. He ended up listening to our message and becoming our new investigator. Time went on and he was progressing really fast and I could see the Gospel changing him. When I left to go to Jin Hua, he was planning on getting baptized in 2 weeks. Sister Bennion kept me updated on him and told me that he decided he didn't want to get baptized until May or June because a lot of things randomly came up and now he had to find a new place to live. He wanted to settle down first. Tithing had also been an issue. Well, on exchanges, we were able to meet with him and I was able to teach him again with Sister Bennion. The spirit was SO strong in that lesson and we were promising him blessings left and right about paying tithing, keeping the commandments, and about baptism. We shared a lot about the Holy Ghost and I asked him if he believed that the Holy Ghost can guide him in all his decisions and trials he is going through right now. I told him that if he got baptized, the Holy Ghost would help him find a place to live and will provide a way for him to pay his tithing or help him find a new job. To be honest, I was really scared when I said all of this because I had the thought, "What if it doesn't all work out after he is baptized?" But I decided to follow the spirit anyways and just say it. I couldn't doubt the spirit and I knew Heavenly Father would provide a way. It was just a really bold lesson. I told him that from the 3 weeks that I left Xinzhu until that day, I saw a huge change in him and that he was so much happier. I could tell he was different, in a good way of course. Then Sister Bennion invited him to be baptized in 2 weeks but he said he couldn't because he had work that Sunday. Our awesome peike then said "How about this weekend?" And to my surprise, he ended up saying "Okay!" We couldn't believe our ears! He really wanted to get baptized THIS weekend. I was so happy I almost shed happy tears. What a miracle. So he got baptized on Saturday and was confirmed yesterday. I wish I could have been there to see him baptized but I am so happy to hear that he made the right choice. It gets even better too. Sister Bennion told me that he found an apartment to live in through a member in the ward. Heavenly Father really did answer his prayers! I was so happy to hear that someone we found through knocking made it into the waters of baptism! Seriously I couldn't be happier. It was so hard for me to leave xinzhu because of this investigator and being there at that turning point lesson just made my day. i love missionary work!!!!! I also love sister bennion. i miss her so much. we are just best friends and work so well together. 

As for the work in Jin Hua, we are having 2 baptisms this weekend! I'm so excited. Our investigator Christine passed her interview on Sunday. She is in high school and is really excited for baptism. She is reading the Book of Mormon and is in 2 Nephi. I want her to get to know the Young Women better and be more comfortable around them. What a miracle! Also, our other miracle investigator Wendy will be having her baptismal interview on Wednesday. She is the former that a member found for us last Sunday. We met with her 4 times last week and reviewed most of the lessons with her. She has one more to go. She said that she really wants to change her life and feels really happy. She said that she loves learning about the Gospel from us and doesn't want us to stop teaching her. We told her that after she is baptized, we will continue to teach her. She is a little nervous for baptism but I feel like she is prepared. I just want to make sure she has a solid testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. 

We are now teaching a family! We started off teaching the dad, Wu DX, then we met his wife and daughter. The wife and daughter are progressing slower but we are hoping they have more desire. The wife is buddhist and the daughter doesn't seem to care too much. However, I have hope this will be the next "Robles Family" from the District. I'm determined to find and baptize a Robles Family. :)

We taught this dad Benson and his wife for the first time this week. We shared the Plan of Salvation because she just had a baby. I think Benson really liked the Plan of Salvation. He shared with us that at first he didn't really look forward to being a dad, but once he held his son for the first time, he said it was a completely different feeling of joy. It was so cool to see him just love his son. 

I still can't believe we have 2 baptisms this weekend. I hope everything works out and goes smoothly. I know that after they get baptized, we will be finding even more for those who are really prepared to receive baptism. We have a lot of "okay" investigators right now. They need to become progressing investigators though. Sister Barden is awesome and a good example. I think we complement each other. She is more sweet and I am more bold so it works really well. I'm loving being in the office more and more. Getting used to things now. 

It's never a boring day in the office. 

Love you all!
Sister Chao

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