Monday, May 5, 2014


So mother's day is coming up. Lets figure out a definite time okay? I think i will be calling home on Monday at 11AM my time. so its like sunday night for you guys? Thats when the kids will be home alma said. 

Dad, I saw Nancy and she gave me 200 quai. Also, your friends, Brother and Sister Li from Shanghai took us out to lunch. that was nice of them. :)

Today is temple day! I'm so excited! This week we have another missionary leadership council so we will be training at that. Again, so nervous. I don't think I'll ever get over the fear of talking in front of people and doing trainings. I learn so much from the trainings though. Hopefully other missionaries will learn from them too. Next week, all the new missionaries are coming in! We get to help take care of them. We are making pancakes with Sister Day early in the morning. yay! We got to bake cookies with her last week for service too. It's been fun/different being in the office. it's always an adventure. I'm getting used to it. We got a new assistant, Elder Orchard! He was my zone leader when I first arrived in taiwan and now he will see me die. We had a few sisters from the mission really sick last week, but heavenly father has really answered our fasts and prayers! Life is stressful/busy but fun. I love being a missionary! Really though. Wouldn't give up this experience for anything. 

The work in Jin Hua is going well. I was so happy to see our former investigator, Wendy, get baptized! We met her less than 3 weeks ago and she had a desire to re-learn everything and get baptized. She has such great faith and desire. I could just see her glow! From the short time we met her to the day she got baptized, I could tell the Gospel has brought her more happiness. When she got up to share her testimony, it seemed like she had been a member for years. Heavenly Father has really blessed us with a great miracle. Wendy waited 2 years to get baptized because her family fandui. The Lord really has his timing for everything. 

Our investigator Christine was supposed to get baptized with Wendy, but the night before, her dad called us and said she couldn't get baptized anymore. He said that she was too young and he didn't want her to go to church anymore. He wanted her to focus on school. We were really sad to hear the bad news but we are praying for her and maybe a miracle will happen. Maybe she will be like Wendy and have to wait a few years and come back with a strong desire to get baptized. I'm praying that she won't forget to read and pray everyday. She was so ready but her family didn't quite agree. I know that she will get baptized one day. 

We have an awesome investigator that we have been meeting with for the past 2 weeks. Shi JM is from China and is here for school and is super intelligent. She is an Atheist and she said she is really curious about religion and if God exists. She said that she sees religion play a big part in people's lives and it makes them happier. She shared that she wants to find that happiness and not necessarily truth. However, we shared with her that happiness and truth go hand in hand. She has progressed so much and started praying and reading the BOM. She shared a cool experience with us about a time her prayers were answered this past week. She said she thinks it might have been from God and that He loves her. I was so happy to hear this from her. She has become great friends with our peikes that we bring. She talked to one of them after our lesson for 3 hours about the church! I was so surprised. Our peike called at 10PM and said "we just left the church." Our peike was awesome and answered all her questions. Shi JM said that she is willing to experiment upon the word. She has a baptism date for May 24th but she feels like she doesn't want to get baptized yet. We are praying that she sees God's hand in her life. She is awesome!!! I'm grateful for this experience to teach someone from China. 

We are now teaching a family. Wu jiating are all progressing at different rates. We first started meeting with the the dad and he has been progressing a lot and has the most interest. His daughter and his wife are not as interested but are willing to listen. We are hoping from Wu DX's example, they will begin to change. Wu jiating is incredible and so nice. We had a good family peike for us a few times. It's been a little difficult teaching them because their interest/desire levels are all different. But I'm determined they will be the next Robles family! Wu DX is great and I want to get him progressing faster. I think he can get baptized soon. The whole family is planning on coming to church this Sunday, so that will be good. It's been a good experience teaching a family. I've never taught a family before and I have faith this family will get baptized and one day sealed in the temple. I can just see it happening! 

We also just met this student Chen DX. He also doesn't really believe in God. He said that he has to see it to believe it. He was willing to listen to our message and has started reading and praying! I think he is just really curious right now. We also set a baptism date with him. He has class every Sunday, but I'm hoping a miracle will happen and he will be able to come to church. I'm excited to see where things go and see him change. 

Other than that, we don't really have other investigators. We are in the process of finding the more prepared people. We find a lot of people, but they die quickly. I'm really praying for more progressing investigators. I know that there are prepared people out there. We've been finding a lot of people for other missionaries though. Team Jesus! I really want to help Jin Hua grow. I also really want to help the sisters of the mission and be a good example to them. Still trying to figure out how. 

Love you all!
Sister Chao

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