Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy st. Patrick's day!


I hope you are all wearing green! Hope mom had a good birthday. Did you guys eat pie on Pi Day?! I didn't...I couldn't find any. I went on exchanges that day and rode my bike forever away, that was fun. This morning I cleaned mold off of the kitchen was NASTY. I was scrubbing at it for a good 15 minutes. Hopefully I don't get mold poisoning like Alyssa. :) It has gotten a little warmer lately but it still gets cold. The transfer is almost over. 2 more weeks! I probably won't be moving or getting a new companion. I love Sister Bennion. We have a lot of fun together and we see so many miracles. Our faith has definitely been tried but we always see success nonetheless. Like the little boy who never showed up at his baptism 2 weeks ago GOT BAPTIZED on Saturday. YEAH! so awesome. The elders forgot to turn off the water so part of the church was flooded. it was hilarious. Our prayers were answered and he if finally baptized and now the ward can take care of him. He was probably the most stressful investigator to get baptized. The ward helped out a lot and it went really well. We have this awesome 34 year old guy named Zhang DX that is progressing fast. he reminds me of Clinton. haha. He lives by himself and we found him knocking 2 weeks ago. He is really cool and he might be the first guy investigator (besides the little boy) of ours to get baptized! Only problem is, he works on Sundays. ahh. But he for some reason had it off yesterday so he came! He dresses super hipster and is super asian. This Gospel can definitely help him! He is awesome!!! 

Side note: Sister missionaries really have a different effect on people. if you read at the end of the email, we got an LA man to church that the elders have been working on for awhile. yay! chenggong! Go sister missionaries! :) 

As for Xinzhu, we had a baptism on Saturday with the little boy that didn't show up 2 weeks ago! It was successful this time and the members really helped. We couldn't have done it without them. This time it just felt right and lots of little kids came to support him. It was a different feel. The ward was ready this time. His dad and someone else helped baptize him since his dad can't use his right hand. It was so cool to see it and the spirit was so strong. Funny side note, the elders helped us fill the font but forgot to turn the water off, so it flooded part of the church. We got it all cleaned up though. :) I'm so happy that Chen Yan Xian got baptized! Finally the day came, after the trial of our faith! 

We have a progressing investigator Zhang DX that we found 2 weeks ago and he came to church! We met with him last night and taught him the Plan of Salvation. He had a lot of good questions and the lesson went really well. I felt like the spirit was leading the lesson the whole time. We talked a lot about faith and desire. We asked him if he had a desire to know if these things were true because he kept asking how we knew if we've never seen it before. He said he DID have a desire and that he was willing to do all our invites. However, he can't come to church these next 2 weeks because of work. He is awesome though and I really do see him getting baptized next month. The members were all really helpful on Sunday. We just need him not to work on Sundays! 

Our next really awesome investigator is Lin JM, our 14 year old YW. She is progressing really fast and will be done with all the lessons tonight. The ward knows her and the YW are great to her. She loves church and we don't even have to take care of her at church since the YW do. It's been really good. There is a YW that sits by her and they were looking at Personal Progress things and a card about prophets during Sacrament meeting. I think she really wants to get baptized but she is afraid her dad will say no. We met her dad real quick again after church since he came to pick her up. Her dad doesn't seem to mind her coming to church but baptism might be a different story. She is so ready to be baptized! Sister Bennion and I love her so much. Zhang DX and Lin JM were both found by knocking doors. 

Another cool miracle. Last week, we found an LA that we have never met before when we were knocking doors and he came to church! He could only stay for Sacrament meeting but he said he could come to FHE. I'm so glad we went finding in his area so that we could find HIM! So cool. Also, another LA that the elders have been working with came to church. We went to go visit him this week and he told me that he would come to church. I called him in the morning to give him a wake up call and he came! The elders were so surprised and asked us what we did differently and I didn't know what to say. Miracle!

We have a few other investigators with a date that are progressing but we need more to be progressing. We really want to find the prepared out there. I love inviting everyone to baptism. I feel weird if I don't do it. Sister Bennion and I were playing for team Jesus this week. We set 3 new dates for other missionaries, but it's okay. They are all really awesome people. We had a harder time finding this week but we know we will find the prepared this week. I know they are out there. I'm ready to start this week out great. We have 2 more exchanges this week then it will be over for this transfer!! Yay! 

Sister Chao

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