Monday, March 10, 2014

Miracle week


Happy Birthday MOM and Alyssa! Wow this transfer is flying by. We have seen so many below. Sister Bennion and I are on fire! We found 9 new investigators and set 4 new baptism dates. Also, that one little boy that never came to his baptism, is getting baptized this Saturday. I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN THIS TIME! President told me it was a tender mercy from Heaven when he didn't get baptized, because it opened the eyes of the members. Family, do all you can to help the missionaries! We can't do it alone. It doesn't work. I went to Taipei last week for a leadership meeting. We got trained on that. Tomorrow Sister Bennion and I are doing a training with aligning ourselves with the members. It's going to be a 40 minute training for both Xinzhu and Miaoli zones. Yay! We hope it will be fun and powerful! These missionaries really just need more desire. Hopefully we and the zone leaders can help improve this. 

It's been raining and cold lately. I'm dreading rainy season. Lets hope summer comes fast. Its been a little stressful lately helping all the sisters, but the work has been so good! I love it!!!!! 

Dad: Do you know of any LDS people who want to come to Taiwan to teach English? There is this LA that is looking for an English teacher for her bu shi ban. 

Wow, let me just say we had a really good week and I honestly don't know how it happened. I really don't know how we found 9 new investigators. Am I really worthy of all these blessings?! I can testify that I know these invites work and that inviting people to baptism on the first visit WORKS. I've seen it in Xinzhu and I've seen it on exchanges. On Monday, we had 20 minutes of finding after FHE. We prayed to have a new investigator and to set a date with them. Sure enough, we found a new investigator and set a date with him. We met with him again last night and had an awesome peike. He is golden. He said that he would be able to come to church next Sunday too (he works almost every Sunday). I asked him what he is expecting out of us coming to teach him and he said that he wants to know the purpose of life. Perfect answer...we can tell him that! We had a great lessons about the Restoration and I felt the spirit so strong. It was probably the best we have ever taught the Restoration. He has been reading the BOM as well. Our peike invited him over for FHE tonight and he said he would come! I'm so excited to see him progress. I feel like he would be the person that we have been trying to find "from knocking to baptism." We want to see the beginning to end. 

Another miracle day was this past Saturday, when it rained all day and all night. We had 2 hours to find at night and we passed this neighborhood and I had a feeling we should go back and knock there. I yelled at my companion "Stop!" and we turned around and went into that neighborhood. Sure enough, we found an LA that we've never met before, an investigator I was going to former, and a new investigator. Although we were soaked and freezing, we were so happy to be outside. 

Basically Saturday was packed with miracles. We were able to visit our 9 year old investigator X, who didn't get baptized last week. We had the primary president come and a little member boy that he is friends with. The little boy straight up just asked him, do you still want to get baptized? I was so surprised how bold he was. We talked to X for a long time and told him he had to make the decision for himself. We asked him one last time and he thought about it for a long time and we just sat in silence. Finally he answered and said "Ok, I want to get baptized." I was so surprised I couldn't believe what he said. We had to make sure he understood that this was HIS decision. He came to church yesterday and I'm confident he will be at his baptism this time. The members helped a lot with getting him to church and telling him that this baptism will be such a fun day. It really was a tender mercy that Heavenly Father has given us. He wasn't supposed to get baptized last week because members needed to see that we couldn't do it without them. 

We have 2 investigators progressing quickly. We have a 14 year old Lin JM. She is reading the BOM everyday, praying, and coming to church. She loves Young Women's. We had a lesson at a member's home with her that went really well. She is also going to FHE with us every Monday. Her parents are okay with everything, but we are still praying that they will give her permission to get baptized. The other investigator is our member referral Luo JM. I can tell she really wants to get baptized. Her husband might fandui but she wants to show her husband how this Gospel will change her. Her friend, who is our LA, isn't the best example so we are trying to get other members peike more with her. 

I love this work! I know these invites work! Sister Bennion and I love this work and are trying to do our best with missionary work and with helping the sisters. It's been a little stressful but so rewarding. I love D&C 127:4, if we redouble our efforts and are diligent until the end, the reward in Heaven is waiting for us! Yes! Love you all!!! 

Sister Chao

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