Thursday, August 1, 2013

Li4 He4! (dont know if i spelled that right? taiwanese for how are you?)

Hello everyone!!!


Thanks for all your emails and prayers! This week has been a lot better. I've made the choice to just be happy and positive and it has really helped a lot. Me and my companion are doing better. I went on exchanges back in Hualien this week with the sister training leader Sister McCune. It was so fun to go back to my old area and see everyone. I got to see my recent convert that just got baptized, Pong JM. She happened to be at the church and we shared with her a little message. Since transfers, I've been back to Hualien 2 times in one week for a meeting and exchanges. So much traveling on the train and money! Anyways, sorry this letter is lame, but ill write more next week. Things are pretty much the same everyday. Missionary work is hard but so rewarding. I love every minute of it. 

This week was full of traveling but I still think we saw lots of great things happening in Taidong. Lang JM, an L.A. that we visited last week came to church! She hasn't been back in years and it was her first time back! So good to see her! A member gave her a ride and sat with her all through church. I was so happy. The members here are great! We also went to go visit San San and her mom Hong JM. San San is an L.A. and is going back to college in Hualien end of August. It was great getting to know her. She has been reading the BOM with her mom lately. She also went to church last Sunday. I told her that she would love the ward in Hualien. She is scared to go because she is super shy and doesn't know anyone there. She also shared with us some of her favorite scriptures from the BOM. I think her mom has been a really good influence on her, always encouraging her in the Gospel. 

We got to meet with an investigator who has been taught be 3 companionships already. Chen JM is a teacher at a college here in Taidong and just moved back here from a different city. I can't remember where. She has only been back in Taidong for a few months and was excited to meet with us. She asked if we could meet with her every week on Monday night. I was super surprised to hear that. She said that she doesn't really remember anything that she was taught and she wanted a review, so we taught her the Restoration. She loves to learn but she is busy teaching all the time, especially on Sundays. She said that she might be able to go to church next Sunday. I'm not quite sure how she feels about baptism. There is probably an underlying reason why she hasn't been baptized yet. I think it has to do with work and coming to church. I'm so excited to help her! I can see her progressing fast if she is willing to come to church. 

We met with our eternal investigator Becky yesterday after church. She is awesome. She basically is a member. I think you have interviewed her before. She just doesn't really have strong testimony of the BOM yet. But she shared with us that she didn't drink tea when she went out with her friends. She ordered juice instead. I was so happy to hear that. She follows all the commandments and reads the BOM. She comes to church every Sunday too. I know she will get baptized one day. I feel like she knows this Gospel is true but is just scared to make the next step. 

We also met with Qian Qian and Ting Ting. They are dating and are leaving for college end of August. They are slowly progressing. We taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set a new baptism goal for August 24th. They both agreed and have been working on keeping the Word of Wisdom. Ting Ting said that he didn't drink tea for 2 days. Yay! They are both really nice and I hope they can get baptized together. 

Love you all! keep me posted on life!!! 
Sister Chao

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