Tuesday, July 23, 2013


HI everyone! 

Well I didnt get to go to transfer meeting up in Taipei because I was getting transferred down to Taidong. It's a lot smaller than Hualien/Ji'an. Everyone says I'm really lucky to get to serve in two of the prettiest places in Taiwan. I'm still close to the beach. I love the people here. I still dont know the roads yet...that will come over time. Let's just say i'll be really good at reading the map after the mission. There are still lots of mosquitos, but not as many xiao hei wens thankfully. I havent found any good places to eat here yet. My favorite vegetable that i get for super cheap in ji'an is so hard to find here!!!! I'm dying! I need to figure out where to go. It's hard when you dont have a native companion and who has only been in Taidong for 2 weeks and probably doesn't like food as much as i do. :) My companion is from Washington. She is only a transfer ahead of me so i actually met her in the MTC. It's been really rough these past few days. Sometimes she doesn't treat me the best, but i pray that Heavenly Father will help me get through it. I finished Phase 1 though about 2 weeks ago! yay! Now I get 2000 flashcards for phase 2 to pass off. I just barely got it yesterday. When i look at the boxes of cards, i get so discouraged! SO MANY CARDS! My chinese better be great after memorizing them. I really do understand most of what everyone is saying. My chinese is improving thank goodness! I miss my trainer but i know im in Taidong for a reason. The Lord has big things instore for me here. I just need to continue to work hard. Maybe this transfer is just to help my companion and love her. That's what I've learned these past few days. 

I feel like we are basically whitewashing Taidong since Sister Thomsen has only been here for 2 weeks. Its been an adventure. We both can't read chinese which has been hard. Lots of the records are in chinese and we can't read them. It has been a little frustrating. The first night we went knocking a lot trying to find some new investigators. We got a few set ups for this week so I'm excited. We also knocked a lot on Saturday. We met this girl riding her bike to a Daojiao church and she was willing to pray with us and meet with us next week! so great! All of Taidong 1 missionaries went over to Ho Huizhang's house and talked about visiting less actives and members. He really wants us to get to know the members, which I'm really excited about. Ho Huizhang is so nice and he really loves us missionaries. I'm excited to work with him more. Sunday was really great and I loved getting to know all the members here. They are so nice here! They are all very welcoming and we also got lots of set ups this week. Sunday night, we made it a goal to get 4 other lessons while knocking. When it was time to go home, we had only gotten 3, but there was a man standing outside of our apartment complex and we ended up praying with him and teaching him about prayer and Heavenly Father. I know that Heavenly Father answered our prayers right there. 

Yesterday was also a miracle day. We met with an L.A. Lang JM and her whole family is less active. Her mom had passed away 6 months ago and had told her to go back to church. Right now, that is what she wants. She said she would come to church this Sunday. I could tell she could feel the spirit when we came to visit her. She is awesome and is starting to read the BOM again. She prays everyday too! Then we went to go meet with another investigator named Liu JM. She is 20 years old and has a lot of faith. Apparently she met with the missionaries before but hadn't learned anything Gospel related. We taught her the first lesson and invited her to baptism! We set a date for 8/24. She says that she believes that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. She said she would start praying and reading everyday. I have faith that she will make her baptism date if she keeps progressing. She said that she just wanted to meet with missionaries because she wanted to learn more about Christ. She is so prepared. Hopefully she will continue to have this fire. She is awesome! What a miracle! 

Love you all! Update me on life! I will send pics in a little. Hopefully it works. 
Sister Chao

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