Friday, July 19, 2013

Typhoon Shmyphoon


Guess what? The typhoon wasn't even big here in Hualien. We had a typhoon day Friday nightand had to be back at our apartments at 5PM. Nothing really happened that night, just rain and wind. I think we could have stayed out and would have been just fine. There was just really strong winds and rain while we were sleeping and the next morning. We got to go out the next day. Thank goodness! I didnt want to be stuck inside all day. People here the day before were all getting ready for the typhoon just in case it was stronger than what it had been. Hope the weather is all good back at home! 

Also, I'm getting transferred!!! We found out on Saturday night that my trainer is training again in Jian and that I will be moving. Dont know where to yet. Ill find out this Friday. I was so scared that they would call me to train. So glad im not. I do not feel ready to train at all. My zone leaders this past month have been teasing me and telling me that I will train and trying to get me to finish phase 1, which im pretty much done with. They did a mean prank call on me and Elder Mattsson pretended to be one of the A.P.'s and called our house phone telling me that I was training and everything. I totally believed him and it gave me the worst anxiety and fear! Then I found out that it was just my zone leader i was talking to. I wanted to kill them so bad! They got me so good. They could not stop laughing afterwards. I'm so gullible sometimes! I love my district though. Everyone says its been the best district they've ever been in. We are just all really close and laugh a lot and have so much fun. It makes missionary work more enjoyable when it is difficult. It's fun to have the zone leaders in the same district. They love to tease me and Elder Xiong (we call him elder bear) the most. I dont know why...probably because we give the best reactions. Now I feel like i have high expectations for my next area and district. I'm a little nervous to go somewhere new. Jian has been so fun and the people here are just so nice! I love them. I've gotten so close to a lot of my investigators. I feel like I connect the most with our younger investigators who are mostly all youth. Anyways, I know i'll love my new area and my new companion. Can't wait to see where I'll go! Maybe ill be able to see Kira in Shilin before she goes home! 

This week was great. We saw so many miracles yesterday! We got a less active Melchizedek Priesthood holder to church! Our mission president wanted us missionaries to help a Mel. priesthood holder come back to church. I was happily surprised to see him. He was the guy that we went to visit in Wanrong a few weeks ago. He is normally super busy on Sundays taking people out paraglyding. Because of the typhoon and bad weather, he had no appointments and came to church instead. I'm slightly grateful for the typhoon because it allowed him to come! Everyone was so welcoming when they saw him since he knows lots of people in the ward. I think he had a really good experience. He even asked for a new copy of the BOM. His less active daughter, Chao JM, did not come to church but we called her this week and she wants to take us out. I feel like my bike accident (6 weeks ago) was supposed to happen because that is how I met the L.A. Chao JM and then her dad. Such a miracle that he came. That made my last Sunday in Jian so memorable. It was great! We also had 4 investigators come to church. 

We have an investigator, Yu JM, who is so close to baptism. Her initial date was this last Saturday, but she is super busy and hasn't been able to meet. We met with her before church yesterday and contacted her at her house a few times this week. She was willing to set a new date for August 3.Even though we only have one more lesson to teach her, we wanted to give her enough time and not let her feel rushed into this. She also has a difficult schedule. I believe she will make her date this time. She really is so great. She reads the BOM and prays and always has questions about the verses she reads. I love her so much! Also, she is referral from a member in the Hualien branch. Member referrals are the best! I'm so sad i wont be here for her baptism though. I feel like I've been apart of the whole process but I wont get to see her get baptized. Oh well, my companion will take good care of her. 

We found out that our golden investigator Lin JM, the 13 year old, is with social services right now. Her dad has a drinking problem and abuses her when he is drunk. The police took her away and we can't contact her right now. She was so excited to get baptized but now we don't know where she is at. We want to continue on trying to contact her but people have told us that they won't tell us where she is at since they don't want her dad to know. However, she can contact us if she wants. I was super sad to hear that she was in social services, but I know Heavenly Father is watching over her. She is such a strong little girl. 

We started teaching this R.C.'s sister. She has been to church with her sister before once or twice. We only met with her once so far, but I think she is going to be a really good investigator. It is always nice to have someone you know or someone in your family that is a member. She just had a baby and I think family means much more to her. 

We have an investigator Zheng JM who pretty much has been taught everything. Her daughters are R.C.'s. She is an awesome mom. However, our only problem is getting her to church. She has to work every Sunday and hasn't had a chance to get it off. She prays with her daughters and reads the BOM. She has become like my mom in Hualien. I've gotten really close with her and just wish she can make that commitment to get baptized. She is so close! We will continue to work with her and help her develop more faith. 

Right now we have a lot of hai hao investigators. We want to go out and find more solid investigators who want and have the desire to learn about the gospel and get baptized. Contacting and finding is so important! I love it! Jian is really such a great place. There are so many people here that are just waiting to hear the truth. I want to find them.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!!! miss you and love you all! 

Sister Chao

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