Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last week of transfers


This week is the last week of this transfer. I don't think I'm moving or getting a new companion. We will find out tonight or tomorrow. I'm for sure not training! Training calls were Saturday and I never got a call. Somewhat of a relief. I don't think I would be a good trainer. They are supposedly adding 4 more elders to our area! We are all on a look out for an apartment for them. The mission is growing so fast! Oh and dad you asked about the typhoon, well it didn't really affect Taidong. It was just really windy one day and it rained a lot. But nothing big. It cooled down a lot for one day, but now it's back to being really hot. I'm always so sweaty and nasty when we go contacting or knocking. I'm surprised people still want to talk to me. haha. Anyways, for Pday, our awesome branch president is taking our district to San Qian Tai...i think that's what it's called. you can look it up. supposedly if you are in Taidong, you have to go there. I'm excited. I love Taidong and the hot sun. I've really enjoyed summer in Taiwan. I don't like to wear my rain poncho because it gets super hot and you smell like plastic. The work has been a little slow, but I can't wait to find those prepared people. I know they are out there. I'll let you know if im moving or not. Here is part of the update i sent to President this week. 

This week has been a little rough. We had a lot of our investigators cancel on us. I feel like they just don't quite get the importance of meeting with us and coming to church. Some are reading the BOM and praying but never have time to meet with us. These people are always so busy! But we were able to meet with lots of less actives and members this week and of course, go finding. 

This week, we did a fast with our investigator Qian Qian. She is 18 years old and has finished all the lessons. She really wants to get baptized with her boyfriend, who has also been meeting with the Elders. However, her parents wont let her and are really against the church. She agreed to do a fast with us before she would ask her parents to sign the permission slip. Unfortunately her parents said no. They won't let her go out much so it has been hard trying to meet with her. We told her that it was okay and that she could still go to church and meet with the missionaries when she goes to college next month. I'm still praying that a miracle will happen. She is so prepared. 

We met with one of our new investigators that we found last week who actually lives right across the street from us. Li JM loves to talk and ask questions. It is hard and a little stressful to teach her because she won't let us talk much. She is really great though and has lots of gospel related questions. Sometimes I feel like she isn't fully listening, but she seems to have a lot of interest. I think she will take some time to work with, but hopefully she starts progressing and coming to church. 

Another new investigator we met with was Lai JM. She brought her 2 kids and hopefully we can teach them as well. She was really late showing up so we only had a few minutes to talk, but we shared with her how our church was different and gave her a BOM. She had lots of good questions and has been to a few Christian churches before. We had another appointment set up for yesterday and she was supposed to come to church but she never showed up. We called her and she said that she has been having some family problems. Her husband is really Buddhist and is probably not really happy with her for meeting with the missionaries. After our first visit, i felt like she was someone who really wants to learn more about the Gospel and of Jesus Christ. However Satan is very real and is making it really difficult for her and for us to teach her. Hopefully we will have another chance to meet with her.

Our eternal investigator Becky finally set another baptism goal! We've been wanting to set a goal with her so she can pray about it. We re-invited and she accepted! She is still scared about it and doesn't quite know for sure if this is what she should do. We invited her to pray about her date and to pray about the BOM, since she finished reading it. She came to a baptism service the Elders had this last weekend and lots of members were asking her when it was her turn to get baptized. She hates it when people ask her that. I feel like she focuses too much on the social part of church and what people say instead of developing her relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. She gets offended really easily and I've been trying to help her realize this is between her and Heavenly Father, not between her and everyone else. I have faith she can make her date, I just hope she does too! 

We went to go visit this less active family who hasn't been to church in over 4 years. Only the mom and her two daughters were home. It was a really awkward visit. The mom was so distracted and didn't really want to listen to us. However her two daughters were talking to us a lot and the younger one, who is 15, really wants to come to church. The mom told us she didn't want to go to church because she is lazy and too busy. But she kept encouraging her daughters to go. I called them yesterday morning and the two daughters said they would be at church. I was keeping a look out for them all through sacrament meeting but they never came. I was sad they didn't end up coming. I really want to keep working with them, especially the daughters. 

We also have been visiting with this member/less active Lin JM. She has depression and lots of problems to figure out right now. She knows the commandments and what she needs to be doing, but she has a hard time being obedient. She has been really depressed because of her ex-boyfriend. She just really wants to be dating someone right now. She told us she called her ex-boyfriend and told him that she was mad at him and wanted to kill herself. She is just really unhappy right now and we told her that everytime she wants to call him, to call us instead. However that didn't work. She also shared with us she broke the word of wisdom and drank coffee the other day because she was so unhappy. I told her that she needed to talk to Ho Huizhang and that he could really help her if she let him. I really don't know how to help her. We just shared about the Atonement mostly and how it is not too late to repent. I really don't want her to become less active again, because she was less active for 6 years before and started coming back to church last year. I'm going to try really hard to help her get back on the path. 

I know we don't have many progressing investigators right now, but we still see little miracles everyday. I love working with the less actives and trying to get them back to church. Finding that one lost sheep and seeing her come back into the fold is so rewarding. Lang JM is one of them. She is so happy now and I can tell that the whole branch is as well.

Okay, well i miss you all and love you!! Mom, have fun in Virginia! And to all the kids, good luck with the new school year!! :) 

Sister Chao

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