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Happy Birthday to Rachel and Aborn!!! yay! 

Yesterday while finding, a big black dog chased me when i went to go ring their doorbell. the dog came out of the house and ran after me. it was scary. then the owner just stands there and watches. i asked if the dog bites and he said no. i wasn't as scared after that. so many scary dogs here! Also there might be a typhoon this week? yay for riding bikes in the wind and rain. its fun. anyways...everything is pretty much the same. just trying to find people to teach. the work has been slow, but i know it will pick up. hope all is well!!! 

This week was rough, we spent lots of time knocking and contacting but didn't have much success. I think these past 3 days we did at least 9 hours of finding. We found 2 new investigators. I know it doesn't seem like very many but let's just say I was so grateful to have found someone. We are working really hard on trying to find a family. We haven't found one yet but I know there is one out there waiting for us to find them or they will find us. Maybe this will be the week. I'm hopeful and I can't wait to meet this family. One of the new investigators we found lives right across the street from us. She was the first door we knocked on and invited us in right away. I had a feeling about 2 weeks ago that we should knock the neighborhood right across the street but we didn't get a chance to until this week. I feel like we were supposed to find her and share the Gospel with her. Even though she was the only one we found across the street, it is still a miracle. I actually really enjoy finding and meeting all these different people. Also, you can't give up experiences like big black dogs chasing you. 

We got a member referral this week. We met with Wu JM, who is our member's neighbor. She is very unique and has a Christian background. She has lots of her own thoughts and loves to talk. It is so hard to get her focused. We gave her a BOM and she read almost the whole beginning part of it, including Jospeh Smith's testimony. So cool. I didn't think she would read that much in 2 days. I'm really excited to work with her. She smokes and chews binlang but i have faith she can change! I'm so grateful for member referrals. They are so much better it seems like. 

Our investigator Chen JM who has a date for November is so excited for her baptism. She literally can't wait. When we meet with her, she always says how excited she is. I love her fire. Because of her past experiences, she takes baptism really seriously and knows how important it is. She knows how much it will change her life. She already knows that the Gospel has changed her life completely. She is awesome. 

Our other investigator Becky called us and asked if we were at the church right then and wanted to meet with us. We had an appointment with her later on the week but she wanted to come see us. At first I was super nervous because I thought she would tell us something bad, like she didn't want to meet with us anymore. She is our eternal investigator who is seriously just knocking at the door to baptism. It turned out she just wanted to give us cookies for Valentine's Day. I was so relieved. We had a really good talk about baptism with her. We didn't talk to her about it before since all the other missionaries she has met with pushed her for baptism and it drove her further away. This time we felt good about it and she told us she finished the BOM! I was so proud of her and happy! We invited her to keep praying about it and to restart it. She didn't want to set a baptism date yet but she is praying about it. We told her all the blessings that baptism would give her and how she is so prepared. She is just scared that she doesn't have a strong enough testimony. She shared with us how she has talked to other people who got baptized and asked them why they got baptized. They told her "because the missionaries told me to." That really made her nervous and she didn't like hearing that. She wants to get baptized because she knows it is true. I love that. I know she knows it is true. Why else would she come to church every Sunday and pretty much acts like a member? We gave her two talks from the recent Liahona about moving forward with faith. Hopefully that helped her. 

We met with a less active, Liang JM. She is slowly coming back to church. She has 3 kids and wants to be a good example for them and wants them to grow up in the church. Her son is 7 and wants to get baptized too. She is really great and she is going to start saying family prayers with her kids. 

We dropped another investigator this week. She just wasn't reading the BOM or praying and didn't seem to have any interest. It was sad to let her go, but she just didn't have any expectations with meeting with us. We also had a lot of appointments cancel on us. It's been hard because we have some good investigators but they are so busy. That is why we had lots of finding time this week. I feel like Heavenly Father is really trying our faith right now. We didn't find a lot of new people, but i know that we planted lots of seeds. I can't wait for that day when none of our appointments cancel. I know that only after the trial of our faith, miracles will come. I feel like this week is going to be full of miracles! I can't wait! 

love you all! sorry this email is lame! 
sister chao

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