Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transfer 2


I got a new camera! so my pictures should be clear. it was only like $100 U.S. money. I just found a cheap one. 

I'm still in Ji'an for my 2nd transfer! Usually training takes 2 transfers. We got a few new missionaries in our area this week. Since I took forever writing to you about the accident, here is my email to the president. Everyone...I'm fine and now i can just check the car accident off the list of things to do in Taiwan! 

As for missionary work, we didn't have very many new investigators this week, but we had 29 lessons! A lot of people just didn't want to set up for another appointment. But I felt like we made some really good contacts this week. We knocked on this lady's door and she had just moved to Ji'an from Taipei. She said she was Christian and was looking for a church to go to. We talked about Church and invited her to come. As she said the closing prayer, she thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to her door as she was looking for a church to go to! It was so cool! She called us Sunday morning and told us she wouldn't be able to make it, but hopefully next Sundayshe will. We are meeting with her on Tuesday. I can't wait! Then we contacted this graduate student from Taoyuan. He prays everyday and we asked him if the missionaries in Taoyuan could visit him. He said yes and sent over the referral. He is very intelligent and such a nice guy. I hope the missionaries can baptize him. 

We have 2 investigators with a baptism date of 6.22. Pong JM is one of them. She is a little on the crazy side and has a lot of different views and thoughts. We always have to have a peike with us when we teach her because we don't quite understand everything she says. She likes to talk a lot so it is hard to keep her focused. However, I love her so much! She seems to be understanding a little more this week and she comes to church every Sunday without us reminding her sometimes. She also read from the BOM and did our assignment we gave her for the FIRST time. She really wants to get baptized. We just hope she is prepared and passes the interview. She is a character and so unique, but truly a daughter of God. 
Then we have Lin JM She is 16 and i feel like she is so ready for baptism. However, she still really likes to bai bai with her family. She reads the BOM and prays and goes to church. She asked if she had to get baptized. Well, we responded to her and told her it was the only way to return to live with Heavenly Father. We used lots of scriptures so it didn't just sound like a yes answer. Her parents also said that it was up to her if she wanted to get baptized and that they would be okay with it. What a blessing! 

We have an L.A. Dong JM and we are in process of helping her come back to church. Her daughter is our investigator. She feels unworthy to come to church because of her smoking problem and is afraid people will judge her if she goes. She also wants to feel what she felt when she got baptized. We told her that if she went to church she can feel that again and that no one will judge her. We told her that if she prays, reads the BOM, and goes to church again, she can feel God's love for her and help in her life. She said that she might come next Sunday. We really hope to get their whole family at church. 

Another L.A. we visited is Kang JM. She is awesome and really wants to go to church. She just can't because of her job. She works with teenagers who haven't made good choices in their lives and needs constant supervision. She might be able to come in July though if they hire more people to work. 

Anyways, I'll send more pics. I wish i got pictures of the accident. oh well. I love you all. tell mom im okay! 

Sister Chao

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