Monday, June 3, 2013

Last week of my first transfer!


Wow, I can't believe im almost done with my first transfer! Each transfer is six weeks and sisters have 11 transfers. Time goes by really fast here, even though some days may seem longer than the others. I'm pretty certain i wont get transferred because im still being trained. training is 2 transfers. but you never know what will happen.So yesterday during a lesson, there was an earthquake and it was pretty strong compared to the little ones we have felt. nothing was damaged or anything. but it was pretty fun to feel it. there has been a lot of little ones and i mostly feel them during studies in the morning. but nothing to worry about. they are super small. Oh and last P-day we went to Toroko Gorge! Famous tourist spot to go to if you come to Hualien. You can google it. It was beautiful, besides the fact that it was hot and humid. i got a nice tan though. :) the mountains were amazing and you can really see how beautiful taiwan is. We climbed a million, literally, steps!! or at least it seemed that way. it was never ending just to get to this miao. we got super high up. then after that, we went to this beach area. no one was there. the sand is super rocky and when the tides would come up, huge rocks would hit our feet...we put our feet in the water. dont worry, its legal for missionaries to do that. haha. but my feet got pretty cut up and bruised. so fun though. it reminded me of home and all the nice beaches there. sorry all my pics are camera is broken...ill explain more at the end. i need to buy a new one today. lame. anyways, last pday was super fun and we went with a member who had a van, so he drove our whole district. also rainy season is over. this last week was the first week it hadn't really rained! it literally has rained EVERYDAY since i've been here except for last week. i dont know which one i like better, hot sun or rain. both of which i still feel wet. but im getting used to it! i just feel bad when i go visit people and teach people and both me and my companion are dripping the whole lesson. hahaha. so funny. 

The temple sisters came for exchanges this week. I went on exchanges with sister ochoa. she is from mexico but lived in Highland, UT and she went to Lone Peak too! we saw so many miracles that day! It was the hottest day of the week it felt like and we biked a ton. i got a pretty good sunburn on my arms and neck that turned into a nice tan. but we were dripping all day long since it was so humid. we taught so many lessons and found a few investigators. we prayed that we would have 3 lessons during one of our knocking times and guess what? we did it! we had more that day too and it all went really well. I've really learned that if you have the faith that you can accomplish your goal, you will do it!! Heavenly Father will help you if you have the faith. i love exchanges because you get to see how others teach. i learned a lot. Also, i was praying we wouldnt get lost since i was the one who was leading the way since it is my area. im learning how to use a map...but everything is in characters!!! i use 7'11s to help me know where im at since they are on the map. haha. 

Here is part of my letter to the president so i dont have to re-type it all. sorry if it is a little repetitive. 

This week was so awesome! I felt like I saw so many miracles. We had a total of 36 lessons! The temple sisters came down for exchanges and I got to go with Sister Ochoa. I learned so much! When we got to this neighborhood to knock, she asked me how many lessons i wanted to have in the time we had. I said three and we prayed that we would accomplish that goal. We did it too! I was so happy! I learned that if we have faith in our goals, Heavenly Father will help us achieve them! We found this Christian lady and she let us into her house. She was so excited to listen to our message. We shared with her about the Restoration and she just seemed to happy. She has a lot of faith in Jesus Christ. I can't wait to meet with her again next week. I love exchanges because I get to learn how other missionaries teach and find. I learn new things everyday!

We have lots of investigators that are Young Woman ages. Alex and Nicole and from our English class. They are very smart and have lots of questions. They like to ask questions to stump the missionaries. I love their fire. We taught them the Restoration and they even set baptism dates! I really hope their parents will give them permission. That is the only thing that worries me when they are under 20. It's so sad to see parents not let their children get baptized when they are so ready. But I have faith and pray for them everyday. We have 2 other investigators who are friends, Hu and Jiang Jie Mei. They are about 15. Hu JM is really shy and brought her friend Jiang JM to the lesson we had with her. It seems like her friend has more interest than she does. We set baptism goals for both of them. They came to church on Sunday too! Yay! Also, we have another girl who is 14, Huang JM, and she is super smart as well. We've met with her twice and she also set a baptism date! I'm so happy to see all these youth have this desire to be baptized. They are going to change generations if they get baptized. 

We have this one investigator Lin JM who is 16. Her baptism date is 6/22 and she is progressing quite quickly. She is very interested in the gospel. She does have a lot a questions regarding Buddhism and baibai since her family is buddhist. We hope she can get permission to be baptized. I love her so much. She really is someone that is prepared. 

Zhen JM who I thought was for sure going to make her baptism date wrote us a letter saying she doesn't feel ready and that it is her problem she needs to fix. She can't get work off on Sundays and she feels like she just isn't ready to take that step. Her two daughters are members. It broke my heart when I read that but I know that she will get baptized in the near future. I feel like she is lacking in faith a little so we will work on that. We will still be meeting with her every week. In fact, we are having family home evening with her and a member family tonight. I think it will be really fun for her to go to. I fasted for her yesterday and I pray for her everyday. 

Anyways, i hope all of you are doing well back at home. Dad, you still didn't tell me what you do everyday or what has been going on in your life. do you go out with the missionaries a lot? 
I love all of you and cant wait to here from you next week. 

Sister Chao

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