Monday, June 24, 2013

Can you believe its already been 4 months!! crazy!!


Happy Birthday Kaitlin!!! I can't believe you are 11 already! The pics Alma sent me were so cute. She is getting so old!! Sorry this email is so late. We had to watch the Special Broadcast at 6AM this morning. It was so good. There are so many missionaries at the MTC now! The choir was cool. Alma, when i heard about the FB thing, i knew you would ask me if used it in Taiwan. So far, we are not using it to help our missionary work. Maybe in the future though. I love how they stressed the importance of member missionary work. So true. Members help us so much during lessons. I think it is much more effective. Also, the investigator can get to know people in the ward that way. We need to invite all to come unto Christ. Everyone has the same purpose. Dad, hopefully you are still going out with the missionaries a lot. It helps a lot. I love how Elder Anderson talked about how we don't always know what is ahead but the Lord does. We need to trust in Him! and miracles will then follow. We had a lot of knocking opportunities this week and I've seen so many little miracles. I love it when people open their doors and are willing to listen to your message and say prayers with you. The work of salvation excludes no one. keep working hard everyone! 

The other day, we had an appointment with someone we have never met before way out in the middle of no where. the bike ride was fun and super windy. we got to her house and called her since she didnt answer her door. She said she would come down and open it for us. 10 minutes later, still nothing. we called again and she said the same thing. 5 minutes later, nothing. we were so confused. then one last time we called her and we knocked again and finally she answered. she wouldnt let us in so we taught her at her door. She was a little strange, but hopefully she has a desire to learn more. Since we were in the middle of no where, there were lots of xiao hei wens that were attacking me while we were teaching. so I got a lot of new bites. anyways i wont send a picture because my legs don't really look much better from the last pic i sent. dad, im using the oils. so dont worry. anyways, we will see how it goes the next time we meet with her. She didn't seem all the way there when we taught her. what an interesting lesson.

Pong JM got baptized! Yay!!! She was my first baptism. What a cool experience. She has really changed over the weeks. She is understanding the Gospel more and more. She was someone I didn't think would get baptized but she changed and totally did it on her own. I know the Lord prepared her to meet with us. She has such a sweet and energetic spirit. I love her so much. She is probably the most unique person i have ever met. She is getting to know more ward members, which is awesome. I want to continue to help her stay on the straight and narrow. She truly knows she is a daughter of God and that God is our Heavenly Father. yay!

We had dinner with our two investigators who are friends. Kim has a baptism goal for this Saturday. Kim shared with us that she was lesbian and cannot keep the law of chastity. She also shared with us that she wanted to get baptized and can keep all the other commandments except for that. We shared with her that she couldn't get baptized unless she obeyed that commandment. She also can't act on those feelings or thoughts she has. We had a peike who shared an experience she had with her little brother who was gay. We told her that families were ordained of God and the importance of families. She said that she was happy right now and that she thought God wanted all His children to be happy. We told her that when a man and woman have a family, you can have true happiness and that was part of God's plan. She said she was willing to pray about it but not willing to obey the commandment, which contradicts itself. It made me so sad to hear that she didn't want to even try to follow the commandment. It all comes down to agency. I know how strong Satan can be at times. I'm praying that one day, Kim will come around. She is so great and wants to get baptized! But before baptism comes with obedience to God's commandments. I feel like she has become one of my good friends. We will just continue to love her and teach her. I know that this is something that will be really difficult to overcome. 

We went to go visit an L.A. who called Long Huizhang when I got into my accident. She was driving by and saw it. Anyways, Chao JM has 3 kids and just got a divorce 3 years ago. She grew up going to church with her dad, but hasn't prayed or gone to church since her divorce. She feels bad for going to church since she has always been taught that divorce is discouraged. She also thinks that Heavenly Father doesn't answer her prayers. She said that her main focus now is making money to raise her kids. She is an awesome mother and works really hard to make ends meet. She doesn't want to come to Church because she says she has to make money that day. We shared with her how prayer and coming to church will bless her beyond what she has now. Her faith is really lacking right now and doesn't think God listens to her prayers. We shared with her how God gives us trials to give us experiences so we can learn and grow. We need to trust in Him and put all of our faith in Him. No one's life is perfect. I shared with her about Alma's divorce experience and how the Lord has truly blessed him and our family ever since. We just need to continue to endure to the end and have faith in Him. We might be taking the train out to visit her dad on wednesday. He lives about an hour away in our area. He is also an L.A. Hopefully he will come back to Church. That would be cool. 

We have had some great lessons knocking too. We met this lady who has one child. She grew up Christian but now her husband is buddhist. She hasn't prayed or gone to church in a long time. She said she feels lost. She said she would come to church but she never did. We are visiting her again this week. Sister Evans thought she might have been a little drunk when we went to go visit her. She was being a little weird, but hopefully she will become a progressing investigator! 

anyways, let me know all your plans for the summer! no more school for the kids. Is it super hot back home? I'm pretty much always sweaty here. sweaty and itchy. but i love it. today we are going to some mountain and going hiking i think. the elders are planning it. I really have such an awesome district! they are so funny and so renzhen! love you all!!! keep me posted!

Sister Chao

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