Sunday, June 9, 2013

Car Accident you all may already know from the heading, i got into a pretty bad accident monday night coming back from FHE at a member's house. Luckily our zone leaders were riding right in front of us and my poor companion behind me saw it all....she was pretty traumatized. She thought i died for a second. no worries im alive and fine. we were going through an intersection and our light was green and we were going straight. cars who want to turn left have to yield like in utah. the elders went through the intersection and i was right behind, then i went through and a car that was turning left didnt yield to me and it looked like he would stop for me, but he kept slowly turning left, i tried to swerve to the right but he kept going to so we kept moving in the same direction and i didnt have time to slam on my breaks...i was already in the middle of the intersection, and he never even slowed down or braked....also the intersection is pretty well lit so he should have seen me. well we ran into each other and i was going at a good thoughts right before i knew i was going to hit him..."oh crap oh crap oh crap". my bike hit the front right side of his car and i flipped over the hood and landed on my bum on the ground. my head and shoulders hit the car and rolled over so i just did like a 360 flip. after i landed....i was a little confused and i just stood right up immediately. i think i was just in shock and i was so surprised i could move my head and neck and legs and feet. my legs and feet felt really tingly for about 15 minutes, but my head felt fine. good thing i was wearing a helmet!!!!! it saved me! my helmet was cracked right down the middle and smashed. SO KIDS...wear your helmet! anyways, only my shoulder hurt a little and my legs because of the road burns. but i got a sweet road burn on my right thigh and there is a distinct line from where my garments were. so cool. as terrifying as all of this was, i felt really protected the whole time. didnt even shed a tear! :) i was just so grateful i could move! the elders in front of us heard my companion scream really loud when it happened and they thought it was me but it wasnt and one of them threw his bike down in the middle of the road and just started running towards us. haha. he got a little mad at the driver, who was only 20 or 21 years old. his girlfriend was in the car too and they both had their phones in their hands so we think they might have been texting maybe. then our ward mission leader happened to be driving past and saw us and got out to help....i felt fine though besides the minor injuries. my bike was smashed in the front. Bro. Li called the police and was like do you need to go to the hospital!? and i was like no i dont want to go to the hospital. so the police came and took some pictures and pictures of the bike. haha. then we had to go to the police station and i had to take an alcohol test. i had to blow into a machine. dont worry....i was sober! :) DUH! and then they had to interview me and record me talking and bro. li and long huizhang helped me translate and answered for me because i wasnt quite sure what they were asking me. basically alll this legal stuff. and THERE IS A VIDEO of the accident at the police station!!! they had cameras so we found it and watched it 3 times! so cool. i want it! the police said that it was obviously the guy's fault so he has to pay for everything. since he had to pay for my bike to get fixed and a new helmet, they made me go to the hospital to get checked just in case anything major happened so they can pay for it. now it was about 11:30PM at night at the police station and i definitely didnt want to go to the hospital. so we went the next day with our zone leaders and long huizhang. all they did was like move my arms and told me to do these hand movements and that was it!! what a waste of time!!!! so dumb. basically the next 3 days were pretty painful as my body got more and more sore. mostly just my back and shoulders. but now im good. i just have a few cool bruises. but looking back, im so grateful that our zone leaders were there and bro. li and long huizhang. they all helped out a lot and were so worried. my companion was surprised i didnt have any major injuries because she said it looked pretty bad. i know that Heavenly Father was protecting me the whole time. he loves his missionaries! anyways thats the quick story of the week. pretty traumatic...and i didnt want to bike the next day, but we still went out to do work after the hospital. the work had to go on regardless of any pain. i just sucked it up and went out. im borrowing a bike from a bike shop owner in our ward. he is so nice. my bike is still getting fixed!!!!!!! so annoying. oh well. just wanted to tell you guys. love you! ill email more laters.

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