Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I just got back from Taipei a few hours ago. A total of 12 hours on the train. so fun! Probably the best trip to Taipei ever. we had a Christmas zone conference there. It was fun to see all the missionaries again. When you are out on the east coast, you dont ever see them. So many people i dont know. I got the packages. thank you! SO HEAVY MOM!!!! An elder carried it for me all the way back! i felt so bad so im giving him lots of the candy in there. We will be sharing the candy with the zone. Thanks! also, mom thanks for all the food!!! i dont know how im going to fit it in my suitcases. haha. i might be getting transferred. Transfers are on dad's birthday. Everyone thinks im leaving since ive been in taidong for 6 months and on the east coast my whole mission so far. I dont want to leave though. i like the slow paced life out here. i feel so stressed when i get to taipei. but we will see what happens. Thanks for the package Alma and Rachel!! i happened to fit everything you guys got me in my backpack! thank goodness. do you want to know the best christmas present ever?!?! President Day made all the missionaries and Character, pinyin, and english Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great price. We have one that the church made for missionaries of the BOM but there was no D&C. President spent a whole year on it and had it made into a book. so cool. we are the first missionaries to receive it and its not for resale. i love it!!! i'm in the process of learning characters but its really hard. haha. its coming slowly. We had a huge christmas feast and had a talent show and listened to the christmas missionary choir. it was really good. so much happened!!! i cant wait to talk to you tomorrow. sorry i can't talk to everyone. 9:30AM tomorrow morning my time! aborn ill be skyping you but im not sure if i remember my password. eeks. hopefully. if not ill use another skype name. okay thats all for today. baptism tonight!!!!!! yay! 

We are having a baptism tonight! Lily is getting baptized and I couldn't be happier. Best Christmas present. I'm so excited for her. She is someone I have seen progress so much. She used to not believe in God and now she see's the blessings in her life. So cool. 

I'm glad to say that Becky is progressing. Although she said she didn't want to get baptized on Christmas, she said that she is still good for her goal on 1/19. She also told me she went out to lunch with a member Tsai JM. I was so proud of her for going out to lunch with her. She said that Tsai JM really intimidates her but she went after all! She has been staying for all 3 hours of church too. I really hope she passes her interview this time! I love her so much and I don't want to send her into an interview not prepared. I'm praying everyday for her and for a miracle. 

Another miracle. Our investigator Tsai JM answered her phone finally and we were able to meet with her. Tsai Huizhang's wife helped peike. She is done with all the lessons but she still hasn't come to church 3 times. We had to extend her baptism date. We talked a lot about families and church. She didn't come this Sunday even though she said she would. I was a little sad. I thought we had a really good discussion about church last time and I was hopeful that she would come. We will still work with her and hopefully she will get baptized soon. i think church is her biggest problem right now. She also doesn't answer our phone calls which makes it hard. Tsai JM is really great though and I don't want to lose her as an investigator. 

We are teaching this little girl Luo JM and her two cousins. The two cousins came to the Christmas party! I feel like her cousins might be more interested than she is. They didn't come to church even though they said they would. We even biked to their house before church to make sure they were coming, but found no one there. I'm hoping all 3 will progress together and get baptized together. So far only Luo JM has a date. 

This last week we had an amazing Christmas activity. We met a new potential investigator. We set up a time to meet with her too. Last week was also one of the hardest weeks. A lot of our appointments cancelled on us and we had a ton of time to go finding. Well more time than usual at least. However, we only found 2 new investigators. I feel like Heavenly Father is really testing our faith right now. We found a few good ones for the Elders. We tried to use the BOM more in our finding efforts and shared a few scriptures. However no one wanted to set up with us again. They were all really good people to talk with. We had some really good lessons on the street. I know that we need to continue to have faith and patience. We are supposed to learn something from this. Even though this week we don't have much time, I know we will see miracles.

Love you all!!!!! 
Sister chao

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