Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy New Year Almost!


Happy birthday Lucas!! :) oh and the not next week but the next i pday will be changed to Feb. 5! because im going to the TEMPLE FOR THE FIRST TIME! FINALLY!!!!! perks of not being on the east coast! so i wont email until wed that week. next monday is still on. 

This week was hai hao. Not going to lie, it kinda sucked but it was okay. There was some good too. I got the all started as I was sitting in Specialized Training on Wednesday. I could feel myself get progressively worse. But i didnt throw up or anything. just had a fever and stuffy nose and some coughs. I'm a little better now. I have a nasty cold sore too...I think its from the stress, me being sick, and the weather changing constantly. But enough of me complaining. I'm okay. really. The work still has to go on and im not willing to rest or take a nap or stay inside. I can't! there are souls to save! We had a lot of drama with area changes and stuff. President decided that all the missionaries will have their own areas within the ward. Now we are only in charge of Zhu 1 ward. No more two wards starting this week. Our area is SO small. but after all the drama and what not with dividing areas....i think it has been settled. i know i didnt include that many details but you dont need to know what all happened. I'll tell you maybe when i get home. haha. That was probably the main thing this week that made me super stressed. but its okay. 

I went on two exchanges this week! I got to go on exchanges with my beloved MTC companion Sister Oborn in Toufen. We did a training there at their zone training and it was fun. It was cool to chuanjiao with sister oborn. So fun. Then i went on exchanges with Sister Lu. She came to my area. Im not really familiar with my area yet but it was fun using the map and what not. we got everywhere we needed to!!! yay! 

OH AND biggest news! we can now teach MEN. yes thats true. we need peikes everytime though. but cool huh? dont have any yet though. 

As for the work in Xinzhu, this week we were able to meet with Huang JM. She has a baptism date for February and is progressing pretty well. She is reading everyday and praying and she came to church this Sunday. She has a smoking and coffee problem but she said that she is willing to work on overcoming it. I think the biggest problem for her is that she has been talking to her friends at the other church she used to go to. They don't always say the best things about our church. She also says that she still hasn't received an answer if the BOM is true. We are trying to help her see her blessings. I think she will make her date though. 

We also met with Luo JM. She has been going to church every week and pretty much comes on her own. She is almost done with the lessons! We finally set a baptism date with her for February after Guo Nian. She didn't want to set an earlier one. She is really afraid of commitment. She still isn't super sure about the date we set with her but it has been progress. She has a friend that goes to another church but doesn't want to get baptized. Her friend keeps telling her that you can go to church without getting baptized, which is true, but we want her to receive the blessings of baptism. We focused on the blessings and importance of baptism. Our peike was really good too. I'm hoping she won't get scared and cancel her date. 

On exchanges this week, we found a really awesome new investigator. We talked to her for 40 minutes and she basically already knows about faith, repentance, and baptism. She said that she has a lot of Christian friends and has had a lot of opportunities of going to other churches, but she always declines because her husband and family is super anti-christian. She was really happy to talk to us. We set up for next time and I'm hoping she can set a date soon and that her family won't keep her from meeting with her. I hate how we can't control family fandui. 

Sister Ashcraft and I went finding last night and met this awesome college aged guy! He goes to college in Taipei and is an artist. He comes home every Sunday. He was so cool and we invited him to be baptized and he was like yeah I would love to have a remission of my sins. We talk more about baptism, faith and repentance and he seemed to love it. Then we tried to set up a next visit and he didn't want to set up. I was so sad! But he said he might come to church. I was so hopeful that he would become our new investigator and he would set a date for 3 weeks later. Even though all of that didn't happen, I know that he felt the spirit. We planted a good seed. The invite you gave us makes us more bold and teach with more power. I love it! Although we haven't had anyone set a baptism date with us yet, we know this invite is going to help us so much more and make us more effective missionaries. I've been praying that we will find this miracle person who is ready to be baptized in 3 weeks. I know that person is out there! you!
sister chao

P.S. pray that we will find more investigators. its been a little rough...not very many people on the board right now. 

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