Monday, January 27, 2014

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!!! What are all of you doing for new year's? i know mom is planning a huge activity. good luck! 

Well chinese new year's starts on Thursday the 30th, which is chu xi. It goes until Feb. 4th. We have 10 qing ke's lined up already for 6 days straight! Lunch and dinner! I'm going to die. I'm so grateful i only have one ward this time. Good thing we have to cancel some qing ke's because of meetings in Taipei. yes!! Everyone is "too busy" to talk to us since its new years and everyone is deep cleaning their house and getting rid of old furniture. We offer to help but no one will let us. We know this week is going to be a little hard since the streets will be dead and everyone will be at home eating and too busy to meet with us. But we are spending all week finding and im going on 2 exchanges this week! Also we are going to Taipei on the 30th for a long meeting. Hopefully we will stay busy and see miracles! We cant let Chinese New Years hinder the work. Missionary work still goes on during holidays. We are trying to let members know that. Only an hour at member's houses this week. Pray that we will find lots of new investigators this week and that our current investigators will still progress during new years! Besides me getting fat this week, we aren't doing anything too special for new years. just eating eating eating, finding finding finding. yay! I'm excited...well for the finding part. i love finding. lots of missionaries hate it but i love it! I love inviting them to baptism on the street and telling them our purpose it helping them come unto Christ by BAPTISM. 

Mom, we found a new Vietnamese investigator! she has lived here for 7 years and her chinese is really good. I met her when i went to go unlock my bike. she was right next to me and I just said hi. She was super nice and exchanged numbers and met with her the next day and set a baptism date with her! yes!!! she is so awesome! hopefully she will continue to have interest! if she does, you can call her one day. yay! 

As for the work in Xinzhu, this last week was probably the best week Sister Ashcraft and I had. We were able to find 6 new investigators! We had so much finding time and were able to meet most of our goals. We met with this Vietnamese lady Chen JM that I met on exchanges real quick. I decided to say hello to her while I was unlocking my bike and the next thing we had a set up with her for the next day. We set a baptism date with her as well! She is awesome and I hope she progresses fast. What a miracle. A quick contact led into a new baptism date. We also set a new date with one of our more slowly progressing investigators Deng JM. Her sister is a less active who never wants to talk to us or meet with us. We talked to Deng JM about baptism again and re-invited and she said she would set a date. She started reading and praying this week as well. Even though she didn't go to church this Sunday, I feel like she has progressed more than she has ever progressed. She is just afraid to commit sometimes. 

Huang JM, our investigator who has a date for February, cancelled on us twice this week. She said she was too busy with guo nian. We are hoping she will have time to meet with us after new years. We really want her to be prepared and meet her baptism date. She has a word of wisdom problem that she likes to avoid. She is really great though and told us on the phone that when she reads the BOM, she has a peaceful feeling in her heart. 

We have another investigator with a date in February, Luo JM. She didn't come to church as well because of guo nian related reasons. She is really hard to get a hold of and set up with. We know that she is ready to get baptized. She has come to church multiple times on her own and lives all the commandments. The biggest problem with her is that she is afraid to make commitments like baptism. We are trying to help her realize the blessings baptism will bring to her life. She has a member friend that keeps telling her that she can get baptized whenever she feels like it, however, we want her to get baptized on her date, not just whenever, so that's been hard. But I have faith that she will make it! 

We saw a bunch of little miracles this week while finding. We have met SO many great youth! Some have become our new investigators. Biggest miracle, we decided to follow up on 14 year old girl we met my first night in Xinzhu. She never became our new investigator then because her grandma wasn't too fond of us. However, we knocked on her door to see if she was home and she answered the door! She told us that she has read half of the BOM already!! I was so shocked! We set up to meet with her again the following night but she cancelled on us last minute. Hopefully this week or next week we will be able to meet with her. I'm praying that her family won't fandui. I feel like all the awesome youth we contacted this week told us their family fandui. We have received 3 texts this week saying that their parents won't let us meet with them. I know that family fandui is something out of our control but it makes me sad to see and meet all these awesome youth who are prepared to hear the gospel and get baptized, but their parents won't let them. That has been a big trial lately. However, I know that there are more prepared people out there we need to find. I'm still praying for this miracle person that we are going to meet who wants to get baptized ASAP. We would have to many youth if it weren't for family fandui!!! 

Anyways, I'm excited to go out and find find find this week. Even though it is Chinese New Year, we can do it! Love you all!
Sister Chao

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