Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Parrots like to mimic me!


Yes, parrots like to mimic me. We were knocking on this street and there was a parrot in a cage outside and it kept repeating what I would say when people would open their doors. It was so funny. And I'm still deathly afraid of birds here. I get to go back to my old area (Hualien/Jian) on Sunday!!! We are having are East Coast District Conference there. I'm so excited. And guess what?! An investigator who my trainer and I were teaching just got baptized FINALLY. She was done with all the lessons when I left Jian and was going to get baptized then but i think there were lots of problems that came up but she finally got baptized last week and is getting confirmed at the conference and I WILL BE THERE!!! Im soooooo excited to see her!!! She was someone that I really wanted to see get baptized and im grateful that I get to be there for her confirmation. Miracle right there!!! So next week i will be emailing home probably on Tuesday. We might have our outdoor zone conference with president on monday since we never had it last week because of the typhoon. So if i dont email on Monday, its because of that. I'll know if im training this saturday. eeks im nervous. I'll keep u posted. Dad, keep mom safe and don't let her fall again! Veronica, i can't wait to see pics of the baby!!! Ray did you send me the package? I probably won't get it for awhile since im so far away from Taipei. Kiddos, be good and write me!! :) Give Kira and Mia hugs for me...even though mia probably forgot who I am. I mothered her for 2 months and she still feels like my baby. haha. maybe you can show her a picture of me and remind her. :) oh and im cutting my hair today hopefully!! It's so long but im nervous to cut it here. Anyways here is the update for this week. 

This week we saw so many miracles. We are starting to see improvement on the work and I'm really excited to work with all of our investigators. We may not have that many but a lot of them are really good. 

My favorite little 9 year old investigator Cindy came to church for the second time today. She just barely missed Sacrament meeting but she came! She brought 2 of her friends with her too. We taught her this first lesson this week and her grandparents sat in on the lesson. They told us they don't really have much interest in the Church but doesn't mind if Cindy goes to church or to English class. Her parents are divorced so she lives with her grandparents. We invited her to baptism and she said yes! Her grandparents seemed a little skeptical at first but didn't seem to disagree. However, when i called Cindy to check up on her and make an appointment yesterday, she told me that her grandma said that she doesn't need to get baptized. She said that her uncle, who is a Christian, told her grandma that she didn't need to get baptized. This made me so sad as i thought her grandparents were totally on board with everything and then that happened. We just need to explain to her grandparents about the blessings of baptism and really see why the grandma doesn't want her to get baptized. I'm really praying for a miracle here. I love Cindy so much and I don't want to lose her. She really reminds me Kaitlin and I just have so much love for her. Everytime i see her, i just want to hug her. She is tall and has super long legs like kec and does her hair the same! haha. She is just my favorite!!! Pray for her please!!!! I really don't want to lose her!

Our Vietnamese investigator Shi JM is awesome. She is progressing and she came to church yesterday with her kids. She understands a lot of what we are teaching her. She reads Chinese pretty well so we give her the pamphlets of the lessons we teach and it helps her a lot. Reading it makes a lot more sense to her. She is really excited to get baptized. We have a peike who is from the other branch but has a similar experience as Shi JM. She is from Cambodia and she told Shi JM that she feels like they just have this connection and that she really loves her. I could tell she also really cares for Shi JM. I'm excited to see her progressing towards baptism. She is such a hard working mom and just wants the best for her family. 

We met with our newer investigators Zhang JM. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and at the end she asked about what happens to children who are born with a disability. We talked about the resurrection and about Heavenly Father. She seemed to be really touched by that part. She shared with us how she has cerebral palsy and that her legs don't work as well. We told her that her body will be made perfect at the resurrection and that Heavenly Father gives people different challenges to deal with so we can learn and grow. We invited her to baptism but she said didn't want to since her mom wont let her. Maybe there will be a change of heart here. She is so great! 

We got to visit a few LA's this week. Lin JM, who went inactive recently, came to Sacrament meeting FINALLY! She left right after but it was still good to see her there. She has a lot of personal problems like depression but I really want to help bring her back. I feel like a lot of our LA's are all really nice and willing to meet with us but they just have a hard time getting to church. They still believe that the Gospel is true and everything and some even have really great testimonies. I'm just trying to figure out how to get them to church. 

Speaking about church, we had 5 investigators at church and 3 who made it to church right after the sacrament was passed. It was a miracle to see so many people at church this Sunday! I was so happy, even though it was a little stressful taking care of all of them at the same time. Becky finally came and called us this week. That is a miracle in and of itself. She is willing to meet with us again! I was so happy to see her. I know that she will be able to get baptized one day. We had a family come to church who was a referral from Tsai Huizhang, the District President. It was Tsai JM's niece's family. They just moved here  and they used to meet with the missionaries in Kaohsiung. We are meeting with them this week and I can't wait to invite them to baptism! Heavenly Father really answered our prayers. We found a family to teach and it was all through a member referral! yay! I'm so excited to get to know them better. Tsai Jiating are such great missionaries!!! 

We might have not found very many new investigators this week, but we found a lot of potentials. I can't wait to meet with them all. These past two transfers I've developed such a great love for Taidong. I love the people here and all of our investigators. Not to mention, our members are so awesome! There are so many investigators I love working with and teaching. Seeing them grow in the Gospel and seeing how it has changed their lives makes me so happy. I don't want to leave this beautiful area filled with even more beautiful people! Transfers always make me so nervous!

love you all!
Sister chao

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