Sunday, October 13, 2013

New start with my baby!


Rachel, thanks for the awesome package!!!! Loved it. so much dark chocolate i might die. Veronica, i want to hold your new baby! Aborn and keely, mia is so cute and crawling everywhere! can she walk yet? thanks for the cute video. She is growing up so fast. I remember when she was just a tiny but chubby little baby I was taking everywhere. happy birthday to her soon! I went to taipei for the first time this last week. What an adventure. I'm glad that im on the east coast. I dont know how much i can handle being in the crazy city right now. We actually got to go to an outdoor baptism in Wulai. It was mostly the Taoyuan wards that were there. It was really cool. The trainers and trainees got to go. We rode a huge bus and I was so car sick. I wanted to throw up because we were going up this windy road up the mountain. I dont know why i get so car sick, even on the 6 hour train ride to taipei and back. I just feel so nauseous. Anyways, 5 people got baptized in the outdoor baptism. My new baby (trainee) is Sister Singh. She was on the R.S. broadcast choir. She is part nepalese, hawaiian, japanese, and philippino. cool huh? She is great and I'm happy i get to train her! It has been a little stressful trying to handle everything but i love taidong and i love our investigators and i love our members. We are going to Hou Huizhang's daughter's baptism today. He called me and was like my daughter wants you there. YES. i love her! i just love the kids here! Alma, you should be able to see some pics on FB in a day or so. i bet he will post some. he loves taking pictures if you haven't noticed. Conference was great as always. hope all of you enjoyed it. anyways here is what went down this last week. 

This last week was crazy with outdoor zone conference, p-day, zone training, and then the whole process of going to Taipei. But alas I got my new companion and we are safe back in Taidong. There wasn't very much proselyting time this week because of Taipei and General Conference but we still saw miracles with the time that we had. 

Biggest miracle of the week was that we invited our newer investigator Chen JM to baptism on the second lesson and she accepted! This happened yesterday and earlier that day, Elder Davidson told me to read PMG 94, the quote from President Hinckley. My companion and I read it together and then right before our lesson with Chen JM, we said a prayer outside asking Heavenly Father to loosen our tongues so that we could teach with the Spirit. The lesson went well and we invited her to baptism and she was a little hesitant and worried but then she agreed to set a date. After the lesson, Sister Singh was so amazed at what just happened and said that this was way better than teaching at the MTC. It's real life! :) 

Shi JM is so close to baptism. She just has about 2 more lessons with us. However, she needs to go to church one more time before she gets baptized and she told us that next week she wouldn't be able to make it. As a result, we had to move her baptism date back a week. She is great and I want to help her really understand the Gospel and feel the happiness it can bring. She came to one session of General Conference yesterday and she said she liked it. She is also reading the BOM in Chinese instead of Vietnamese and prays everyday. I'm so grateful to be apart of this whole process. 

Also another miracle. So we met with Tsai Huizhang's wife's niece and her family last Tuesday night. Tsai JM helped peike since it was her family. It was the first time we taught them and we invited them to baptism on the first visit! Guess what?! They accepted and have a date of 11/23! I was so excited! They have met with missionaries a little bit in Kaohsiung 5 years ago but I think this time they will accept the Gospel and have a desire to learn more. They have 2 little kids who are too young to get baptized. Tsai JM was really happy to see her niece accept our baptismal invite. 

Chen JM is still awesome as ever. She teaches me so much and is counting down until her baptism in November. Does she need to interview with you President? She is the one who is the gangster who had to wait 6 months to get baptized. She is more than ready.

Once Sister Singh and I got to Taidong, we dropped off our stuff at the apartment and had just enough time to go out and meet with Becky. We shared with her a scripture in 2 Nephi 29 I think, about how if you believe in Christ, you will know the scriptures are true. I know she has been struggling with knowing if the BOM is true. She is re-reading it right now. She also came to one session of conference. She still needs to change her attitude a little bit but she is progressing. 

Wow, I feel like I have gained such a testimony of inviting people to baptism on the first or second lesson. I really wanted to work on that this week after the outdoor zone conference. I made it a goal to not be afraid and to be bold. I've seen miracles because of it. We have invited some on the first or second lesson before and have seen some success and some not accept our invite. However, even though they don't accept our invite, they know what our purpose is. 

I have finished reading the New Testament and started the Doctrine and Covenants. I'm really excited to read D&C. I'm a little behind on Phase 2 right now after this crazy week. I really want to take the test by the end of the transfer, but I can't retain all the words! We will see what happens. Sister Singh is great and happy and positive. I love being around someone who is excited about the work and is happy all the time. During my time with Sister Thomsen, I have learned so much and it has prepared me to train. 

love you all!!!
Sister Chao

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