Monday, October 21, 2013

Mosquitos x12!!!!!


I'm starting to get eaten alive again!!! Since the weather has been cooling down, there seems to be a lot more mosquitoes out. One night i got over 20 bites from contacting and then when i was at an LA's house, a mosquito kept biting me everywhere until i killed it. A ton of blood came out of that one little mosquito. GROSS. I don't understand why they like me so much!!! they never eat my companions. You are protected from mosquitoes if you stand next to me because they just eat me! so now im covered in bites and but it's worth it when you get a new investigator out of it. :) Mia is now 1!!!!!! Send me some pics of my little baby!!! hehe. Veronica, how's the baby? Mom is down in L.A. now? fun! This week went by so fast. We got to go to Hualien/Jian again last friday!!! I love going back there. It's my birthplace so of course it has a special place in my heart. It was fun seeing all the missionaries and having specialized training with President. The best part, I didn't get car sick that much on the train!!! yay! Yesterday we watched a Asia conference broadcast. Elder Holland, Elder Hales, Elder Evans, and Sister Reeves spoke to the Asia area. We had to watch it in Chinese because they wanted everyone in one room. Let's just say that I could only understand if I listened really intently and focused on every word they said. It took a lot of energy. haha. so i only understood about half of what was going on. oh well. one day ill be able to listen to it and just soak it all in like it was nothing. :) Taidong is going to split into 3 branches next march and we are hoping to get a stake center building here like the one in Hualien (which is HUGE). They are really emphasizing missionary work with members' help. President wants us to have most of our lessons in MEMBERS' homes. Dad do you do that? It's really hard because a lot of members dont want us bringing investigators over. Anyways, the missionary work is hastening and we need members' help to be successful. we can't do it on our own. I want to work on that here in Taidong. 

This week flew by and we saw so many miracles. Last night during dinner, I was looking at our numbers and starting to count them up. I noticed we were just one short of an other lesson, new investigator, and BOM goals. I told Sister Singh lets leave 40 min earlier before our next appointment and go find someone to teach. I was so excited because I knew it was possible to make our weekly goals tonight. We left early and went finding around an LA's house we were visiting. Right before we were going to pray, we saw a lady outside her house and I said hello and started talking to her. She didn't seem that interested at first but we just kept talking and asking her questions and said a prayer with her, gave her a BOM, and set up with her for next week! She shared with us that her husband died and she just has 2 daughters. But guess what? Elder Huang had told me to go finding on that street because they had a family they were teaching there and he told me that there was a mom who's husband died awhile ago that we should go visit. He wasn't exactly sure of where she lived but the VERY lady we talked to was her! She happened to be the one that Elder Huang wanted us to go visit. So cool!!! We just had to say a prayer of gratitude right then. We met our goals and found someone new just because we decided to leave early. 

Chen JM (the gangster) had her interview with Elder Kang yesterday. She was so excited to be interviewed she couldn't sleep all night. I think her interview went well and she needs to meet with president next i believe. We are hoping everything goes smoothly and that she can get baptized next month. I've never met a more prepared person. 

Shi JM, our vietnamese investigator, is so close to her baptism date. Only 2 more weeks. We met with her on Friday night and last night. We went over the baptismal interview questions with her. She has a little difficulty understanding the vocabulary of some questions but I think if Elder Kang talks slowly and explains to her some of the words simply she will understand. I'm really excited for her and I hope she passes both of her interviews. 

We are teaching a 17 year old girl right now. Chen JM is great and her friend is in the 2nd Branch. She has a baptism date, but her friend came up to me at church yesterday and told me that she doesn't feel like getting baptized that soon and that her dad wants her to focus on her school work and not religion since she has a lot of tests coming up. Her dad wasn't very happy that we came over to visit her. I was sad to hear this because she was so interested before and her dad didn't seem to mind when we were there. I hope we can still come visit with her maybe every 2 weeks and finish teaching her the commandments. It was be good if she could come to church too and keep learning about the Gospel. 

We made a few new investigator friends this week. We went to this Indian restaurant for dinner one night and we talked to the owner who is from Tibet and India and we also got to know his Taiwanese wife. He speaks English and we gave him a pamphlet and set up a time to meet with them. When we met with them, we taught about prayer and the BOM. We didn't have much time because he was a running a little late but we gave him an English BOM and his wife a Chinese BOM. Then on Friday, the A.P.s gave me a Hindi BOM to give to him. He was so excited about it. Hopefully he has started reading it. I'm excited to teach him and his wife next week. It will be in English and some chinese for his wife. We also met this lady while knocking and she went to the English class in Yuli 2 weeks ago! She lives near Yuli for work Mon-Fri and comes home to Taidong on the weekends. Her husband takes care of the kids during the week. We set up to meet with her in 2 weeks. Yay for English class! 

We went to go visit some L.A.'s this week and one of them still says she has witches cursing her. I told Hou Huizhang about her and he talked to the branch president in Ji'an where she got baptized about 6 years ago. He told me that she has been thinking that for a long time and that we just need to keep visiting her and help her come back to church. We also visited a Qiu JM who hasn't been back to church in years. Her whole family is inactive. It's really sad because I asked her if she could come to church and she says she can't because she is too lazy and doesn't feel like it. I want to keep working with her and maybe reviewing the lessons with her. We also went to go visit Lai Jiating. Lai JM just went off talking for over an hour about how the leaders of the 1st branch don't care about their family and her husband. She said it is their responsibility to go visit them and not just send missionaries over. She did go to church with her daughter in Kaohsiung and she loved it. She told me that if she does come back to church, it wouldn't be Taidong 1st branch. Hou Huizhang knows all about their situation and said that he has sent people over before. He said that usually the people he sends over comes back and says i don't want to go back there because they start criticizing the leaders. I don't really know how to help them. They love the missionaries though. 

Anyways, this week was great and Sister Singh is awesome! Training has been a little exhausting but it's good we come back tired every night right? I love Sister Singh's positivity and excitement for missionary work. We have seen miracles because of it! 

Keep me updated on life everyone! Love you all!
Sister Chao

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