Sunday, February 9, 2014

What a huge surprise!


First off, what the?!! Gugu and shushu came and surprised me at church!!!!! Best day ever! So i got to church and right before sacrament meeting, this guy told me that someone called the church phone and he answered and he was like "your gugu and shushu are coming to church today to see you." when i heard that i said there was NO WAY since shushu lives in china and gugu doesn't go to church. I was super confused and ignored it. then as i was sitting in sunday school, i see xiao gugu's head through the window of the door! I went out with my companion and gave them all a hug. first boy i hugged on my mission. haha. i think it's okay though because he is family. :) wow! I was so excited! she gave me SO much bread and fruit. i was fasting so i ate it after. She asked me if i wanted to go to lunch and i said i couldnt since it was sunday, i was fasting, and i didn't have permission. exact obedience right? They drove two hours in the pouring rain to see me for about 15 minutes. so cool. she hurried and put a hong bao in my pocket. of course she would. tell her thanks. they are so great and the sisters and I pretty much finished all the bread. we were so hungry. haha. Yay!!!! 

Next, yesterday was the COLDEST day ever. It was pouring rain and the rain was ice cold and the winds were crazy since i live in Xinzhu. Wind, rain, cold = i cant feel anything im so numb. of course we had no appointments either so we were outside all night. Best thing though, this 60 year old member lady was with us for an hour outside. bless her heart. she is such a trooper! she rode her bike too and didn't know how to get home after so we took her home. The winds were so strong she couldn't pedal. She seriously made the night so fun. just watching her and seeing her sacrifice to be with us was just so great. I love her! Then she made us ginger soup with tang yuan in it. Its almost Yuan Xiao Jie...this friday! eat lots of tang yuan! yumm! go buy some and cook them okay? or make them. there are a lot of lanterns up. anyways, all of us sisters got home and were soaking wet. i took the hottest shower ever. haha. good thing we have hot water. i love being on a mission! really though...i do! 

The transfer ends this friday. I go up to taipei twice this week again. I'm nervous who my new companion will be. 

Since Wednesday, we have seen a few miracles, especially with our members. We had a peike in line for a Vietnamese investigator and our peike was also Vietnamese. It was perfect. However when we got to our investigator's house, no one answered the door even though we could see her light on. We rang the doorbell again and we were praying that she would answer. This peike of ours is an LA and we really wanted her to help our investigator. Unfortunately, our investigator ignored us so we decided to go find an LA. The LA's name is Li JM and is Elder Hagedorn's grandma! Her address was a little hard to find in this huge apartment complex. But at last we found it! We went to go visit this grandma and she was so nice and hilarious. She kept forgetting our names so she would ask us 3 or 4 times throughout the visit. Our peike even shared a scripture she had prepared. So cool! I'm loving this "no cancelling" peike thing. It's great! 

Another cool story, we had a member who is a RM chuanjiao with us on Saturday. She was able to knock doors with us for 2 hours. She was SO great at being bold and knew exactly what to say. I loved it! Even though we didn't find any new investigators, we had really good lessons. What a cool experience. 

And another cool member story (they just keep coming). We asked a member to help us peike a lesson last night. When we got to their house, they were not home so she knocked some doors with us in the freezing rain and wind. It was ridiculously cold and she had biked to this person's house. She is about 60 years old too! She is such a trooper and so xinku. But she was so happy to chuanjiao with us. Just seeing her biking and out in the rain with us made me love her even more. She feels like we are her own children and said that if we could do it, she could too. At the end, she didn't know how to get home so we biked home with her. The winds were so strong sometimes she couldn't pedal. But together we all made it safely to her house. She was so happy despite of the weather and it just made me so happy even though we didn't have any lessons. I know it is so important to develop good relationships with our members. I'm so grateful for her sacrifice. 

Lastly, a miracle happened at church. One of our members who is also an RM told us that she wanted to dedicate time every week and chuanjiao with us! When I heard this, I just gave her a huge hug! It had been difficult for us to get people to come out with us a few weeks ago and this week we had a few members help us. We've been sharing with all our members that we really needed their help. So we are eating dinner at You JM's house this week and she will be telling us her schedule. Yes!!!! I'm so excited that our ward is more willing to help us. I know that when missionaries and members work together, we will see Zhu 1 grow. 

After the meetings in Taipei, we had a lot of finding time on Saturday and Sunday. However, we've been struggling on finding investigators. I fasted that I could be able to help Zhu 1 and find prepared people who are ready to accept the message of Jesus Christ. Also, 2 of our baptism dates had to be dropped this week since they weren't progressing and were ignoring us. I was sad to drop them but I know that just leaves more room for the prepared. It's been a little rough/frustrating for me not meeting the standards of excellence this transfer, but I know Heavenly Father is just trying my faith right now. It's going to happen though!!! I just need to be extra diligent and always be finding. I'm hoping this week will be more successful. I want to make Sister Ashcraft's last week the best week of her mission. I know we will see miracles. 

Love you all!
Sister Chao

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