Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My 8th transfer


Wow time is flying by. I'm on my 8th transfer. I got a new companion! Her name is Sister Bennion. We were in the MTC together and came to Taiwan at the same time. I love her and was so excited she is my new companion. We are going to do great things in Xinzhu. Dad, on Sunday  at church this guy game up to say hello to me and knew my name before I told him. He said Sister Chao where are you from? and I said California. He was like are you Spencer Chao's daughter??? Alma Chao's sister??? and I said yes! and He said he is Elder Lu and he served in fremont in 1999 or something! What the heck?! he still remembered me?!? i was like 7. he is married and lives in provo now. he is just visiting his dad in xinzhu. small world. so cool right? anyways, it was the coldest it has EVER been in xinzhu on monday and tuesday. it got down to 6 degrees C during the day. I was so freezing. the wind was killing me. but today it got warm again. it is supposed to get cold again on wednesday. nooooo. couldnt sleep since it was so cold. pray for sun! 

Wow, this week was probably the best week I've had in Xinzhu. We saw so many miracles. I wanted to make Sister Ashcraft's last week the best week of her mission.I prayed hard everyday and the Lord really did bless us. We found 5 new investigators and set 2 new baptism dates. We also found one peike everyday. Our numbers have really gone up this week and I hope to keep it up. I was so surprised/excited to see that Sister Bennion was my new companion. I'm so happy to be able to work with her. She is awesome and I know we are going to see so many miracles in Xinzhu. We both have the fire to find and to teach. We want to improve this area and get the members more involved. We had ward council and brought up that you suggested that the leaders of the ward should arrange for people to go out and do missionary work with us, whether that's finding, visiting LA's, or peike. We have 3 people who are planning on working with us next week. I'm so excited! The ward is really improving on helping us missionaries. 

We had a member call our investigator Deng JM and invite her to church. She was originally not planning on going to church but she ended up coming! She only stayed for Sacrament meeting, but that's better than nothing. Deng JM is still not really sure about baptism but she has a date. She said she doesn't really want to get baptized but would still be willing to learn from us. Hopefully she will have a change of heart. 

The elders gave us two of their investigators. One is this 9 year old boy Chen Yan Xian they have been working with for awhile. They have been struggling on getting him to church, but after I made 4 phone calls the morning of church, he came! He is now ready for a baptism interview this Saturday. What a miracle. I'm hopeful he will get baptized on the 1st of March. The hardest thing for him is waking up and going to church. We were able to set a new baptism date with him. I know he can make it! The other investigator is a 13 year old boy Ou Chen Bo Yan. He is ready for baptism but his dad fandui right now. The elders invited him to write a letter to his dad expressing why he wants to get baptized, but he never did it. We went to go visit him and his LA mom on Saturday and I invited him to have this letter done by Friday. We will follow up on it. He is awesome and so ready! We set a date for March 8th. 

One cool/scary experience that I had with Sister Bennion. We were at a stop light and right when we got there, we saw this OLD man fall and trip. It was scary but my first instinct was we HAVE to help him. I hurried and got off my bike and helped him. We had to lift him up and a lady saw and helped too. She said that he is 99 years old and lives by himself. He couldn't hear anything and we helped him back to his apartment. His apartment was so dirty and disgusting. I wanted to help him clean it but we were late to our other appointment. We told the guard to call his family. I really want to go back and help him but I don't know how we can. He lives in a gated apartment complex. I'm so grateful we were able to be there and help him. It was so sad to see him in pain. Maybe we can go and clean his apartment. 

love you all!
sister chao

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