Monday, November 18, 2013



This week was one crazy week. OUR GANGSTER PASSED HER INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT AND IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 23rd!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLE. She had to wait 6 months to get baptized and President got the OKAY from the Asia Area Authority. I'm so excited for her. She was literally jumping up and down after the interview. Anyways, we had interviews with President and it went really well. We also had our thanksgiving activity this week with both branches. The missionaries did a thanksgiving play and I was a native american and got to wear these aboriginee clothes. so cool. My companion also had her birthday on Saturday. I'm going to send lots of pics. OH and we got these new safety vests from president. We HAVE to wear them at night. its a new rule. Alll of us missionaries hate them and we took a picture to show all you guys the new fashion for missionaries. Its great. we stand out even more now. hahaha. so funny. 

First off, Chen Shi Yun is SO excited for baptism. It was announced in church and everyone is so happy for her. She has waited so long and the time has finally come. She has been so patient and faithful during this time. I am so lucky to be apart of her baptism. She is awesome and I don't really know what else to say besides that. I'm sure you got to see her desire to be apart of God's church during the interview. 

One of our fastest progressing investigators we have is Lily. We met her a few weeks ago from English. She meets with us almost twice a week and has a baptism goal for 12/14. She is awesome. She has come to church twice now and loves the missionaries. She just seems so happy and she loved the Thanksgiving activity we had. We do FHE with her and a member family every week. I just love her! Can't wait for her to get baptized. English is such a great finding tool! She literally feels like my best friend. She is someone I will definitely always keep in contact with. She just has this light/glow every time i see her. 

Tsai JM, the one related to Tsai Huizhang's wife, has been slowly progressing. She meets with us almost every week and has a baptism goal of 12/14. She still needs to come to church 2 more times but she has been busy traveling back and forth to Kaohsiung. Her and her family just moved here from there so they still have some stuff to take care of over there. She also works full time and has 2 cute little kids. She has been reading the BOM and praying everyday. I'm hoping she can come to church this Sunday. She is really great and i could see the Gospel blessing her family so much. 

Well, Becky actually came to church this Sunday and she stayed for ALL 3 hours!!!! Miracle! A member invited her for FHE but she didn't respond yet. Hopefully she will come! We made a temporary appointment with her for Friday. This is slight progress from last week. I was so happy to see her on Sunday. 

We have another miracle investigator. Her name is Su JM. We were waiting for a referral to show up at the 7'11 but she never showed up. Then i get a random phone call from Su JM, not knowing her beforehand who she was. I was a little confused at first and didn't know how she got our number. She asked me how she could learn more about the Gospel. I told her she called the perfect people. She was willing to meet with us right then! She hurried and came over to the seven and we had a short lesson with her. She has been trying to find a church that is most suitable for her. She has gone to Zhanglao jiaohui and doesn't like how they speak Taiyu. We didn't have time to invite her to baptism but we are planning on it next time. She lives with her boyfriend right now. I'm hoping she will continue to have this desire. She said that she had our number from the time she met the missionaries 5 months ago but just never had time to learn about the Gospel. She has had a feeling to call us for awhile and she said she was finally brave enough to make the call on Monday. MIRACLE. The spirit does work in mysterious ways and Heavenly Father has truly blessed us when our appt didn't show up. She is so awesome!!! 

At the Thanksgiving activity, our LA, Hou JM, came and brought food for the party. She has not come to church in SO long but has such a great testimony. Her husband has been sick with cancer. She is this older lady and just so nice. She has told me that she won't go to church on Sundays unless her husband takes her because she feels like it is his duty to take his family to church. I was so surprised to see her at the activity. She couldn't stay long but at least she came. I'm so happy she came!! Everytime we meet with her, I can tell she loves the Gospel so much. I just wish she would come to church on her own. 

Sister Singh and I are doing great. We have been seeing miracles everyday and we are having more baptisms. It has been so fun to see Taidong grow from the time I got here. We had no baptisms for a long time and all of a sudden, we are having lots! Or it seems like a lot at least. The missionaries are having a baptism every week this month. Sometimes even more than one a week. I hope we can have a white Christmas. Heavenly Father has blessed Taidong so much! I love it here and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. You asked why I was happy and it really is because I'm in Taidong. The people here are fabulous and I just feel like I'm in the right place. 

Love you all!!! 
Sister Chao

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