Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Transfer and Half Way

Good morning everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving this week! Hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for everything you all have done for me. I'm grateful to be in Taiwan and serving the people here. They are all so cool! haha. Thanks for all your support. Veronica, send me some pics of the baby! I want to see how big he is now. What is everyone doing for thanksgiving? Its the beginning of my 6th transfer! wowza! I hit my halfway mark on Nov. 20th. Time goes by so fast! We got a few new missionaries down here in Taidong. 

FUNNY STORY this week...actually kinda creepy. So this week we knocked on this gate door thing. This guy opens his door and stands behind the screen of his door and inside is all dark with the red buddhist lights behind him. It's daytime by the way. Then he decides to come outside to talk to us. Mind you he is in a tshirt and short boxers....haha. His eyes are constantly scanning back and forth without his head moving. Then when a car passes by or a scooter goes by, he ducks behind the gate and is in an asian squat position while talking to us. Um...a little awkward. Then he stands up and he keeps scanning. I asked him what was wrong. THEN he asks me "How would you feel right now if someone who has killed 20 people was standing right in front of you?" I really didn't know what to say "scared???" it was creepy and my companion didnt understand anything so she has no idea. Then he says "I can kill someone with my bare hands in 3 seconds. It only takes 3 seconds. Are you scared?" haha. I was a little scared then, but I knew he couldnt do anything to us. I also dont know if what he was saying was true. He said that he is scanning his eyes because the government is out looking for him. He cant go outside during the day time. We gave him a BOM and he prayed with us. When he prayed, he was in the squatting position. so funny. Then he asks us if we wanted to come in. YEAH RIGHT. no way. So just gets better!!! I wrote his address down and then we gave it to Elder Kang and Elder Huang. Elder Kang was like oh yeah he's going to become our new investigator. So the next day, they go over to visit him. They even went inside and wahlaaaa he is their newest investigator!!!! WHat the right?! he gave them this apple milk thing but they didn't end up drinking it just in case. haha. Then he asks if I would be at church. Sure enough, he came to church on Sunday! And after church he went to go buy dinner for us and dropped it off at the church. we all decided it was safe to eat. what an interesting contact. Oh and he was sweating the whole time while talking to us. it was not hot outside. haha. he is now known as the creepy guy. Elder Kang and Huang will take good care of him. The END. 

We are hoping to have a white Christmas with tons of baptisms. We should be having at least  2 more baptisms in December...maybe 3!!! Yay!!!!! Pray for a white christmas! My companion and I are going up to Taipei on Wednesday for a trainer/trainee follow up meeting. I dont really want to go because we are leaving our area for about 2 days. All this traveling for a short meeting. Oh well. Then we get to go to Taipei for Christmas eve. Cant believe its already december almost! 

Chen JM the gangster got BAPTIZED on Saturday!!! It was a glorious baptism and she was so happy. She has patiently waited for November 23rd and finally it happened. Wow. She is going to be an awesome member. I wish you could have been here to see it. I just don't really know how to describe it. She was in tears before she got in the water and so excited and happy when she got out. She is truly a miracle. I'm glad I was here to witness this special day. 

Well, i think the lastest update is that Becky set a new BAPTISM DATE!!! Yes, miracle I know. I was really scared she would disappear for awhile if we bring it up. We went out for waffles with her and just talked about the BOM and Joseph Smith. Then we talked about how the Church was perfect but is filled with imperfect people. I felt like the spirit was just leading me the whole time and that it wasn't me talking. We talked about our purpose as missionaries and I asked her how we specifically can help her. She didn't really know what to say. But I could feel like she felt something during the whole lesson. I invited her to set a new goal for January 19th. She accepted. I know it's still a little while until then but I think she was so willing to accept it because it wasn't apart of this year's numbers. We invited to re-read the BOM from the BOM and pray about her baptism everyday. After we left, I felt so happy and I couldn't believe what just happened. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be since last time we invited her was really difficult. This just testifies how powerful the spirit can be! Now lets pray she can finally make this date. I have faith she can and I'm excited to help her. 

Our fastest progressing investigator Lily is awesome! I love her so much. She goes to FHE with us at a member's home every Monday. She is almost done with the lessons and I can just see how happy she is. She loves getting to know the missionaries too. She struggles with some commandments but with prayer, I know she can keep them. Also, even though she is 22, she doesn't know if her parents will let her get baptized. I'm praying that her parents won't be an obstacle here. She is just so great! 

Tsai JM is progressing towards baptism except for the fact that she needs to come to church 2 more times. She was supposed to come yesterday but she didn't end up coming. I'm not sure why. She didn't answer her phone. She has been reading and praying. We asked her how she felt about baptism and she said good and that she could do it. She knows she has to come to church though. I think she has just been really busy with work and her husband gone for the week. I'm hoping she will make her date. She is awesome and I know this can really bring happiness to her family. 

Liao JM, a less active's mom, told us she didn't want to get baptized anymore and that she wanted to go back to her other church. She said she liked it more there and that she knows the people better there. We asked her to pray about it. We will see what she decides next week. She just doesn't really have interest in the BOM. We read with her in the BOM and talked about baptism and how we need the priesthood authority. I'm hoping we can continue to meet with her. 

We have a new investigator from a referral from the elders. Her name is Gao JM and she is 19. She was willing to meet with us and she came to church! She said she liked church and hopefully she can have a baptism date by next time. I'm excited to start teaching her. She seems prepared and hopefully she will feel the spirit testify to her. 

This week I made an appointment with Lai Jiating. I did what you told me and invited a member to go with us. I invited Lin JM, the district R.S. president. When I called Lai JM to confirm the appt, she asked if anyone was coming and I said Lin JM. I couldn't lie to her of course. But when she heard that, she told me she doesn't want her to come over. She only wanted us to come by ourselves. She said that Lin JM can make her own appointment if she wants to see her. I was so sad to hear that. Then I told her what should I tell Lin JM? So she decided to cancel the appointment. I told Lin JM everything and she understands. She apparently is her Visiting Teacher. She understands her circumstances. We will try to reschedule with her next week. 

WEll everyone. have a great weeek and stay safe. i love you all!!!! 
Sister chao

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