Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pics & a few things

This week went pretty well. I saw a lot of miracles happen and I know that they happen because of our awareness of the Holy Ghost. Without the Holy Ghost, we wouldn't have seen these miracles. 
One of our family investigators, Ma Jiating, is really progressing. They are so ready for baptism and we extended baptism to them again last Tuesday. The two boys said that their dad said they couldn't get baptized until they are 18 and the girl who is 22 says that she will think about it fornext Saturday. The boys are going to ask their parents again. We meet with them tomorrow. I hope they can get baptized!!! I can tell they really want to. 
We have this other family investigator, Ling Jiating too. They are awesome! I love them so much. We teach the mom and her two kids. The mom is golden. She really is such a sweetheart and is such a good example to her kids. Her kids are amazing too. The mom said that she believes in Christ and God but just doesn't know what Church to join. In her extended family, they all go to about 6 different Christian churches, so she says she is really praying about it. She has amazing faith and her kids have been praying and reading the BOM too. The mom really knows and believes Heavenly Father will answer her. Isn't she just the best? I really hope they will find out for themselves that our message is true and that she will feel that it is true. I know that Heavenly Father will answer her. It is all about His timing and I trust that things will work out. 
The other day, I went on exchanges with Sister Huang since Sister Parker had the Flu. We went out to i don't even know where in Ji'an (i'm still directionally lost everyday) and we were going to visit this less active, but she wasn't there. Then we decided to go visit another L.A. who we visited last week. I didn't know why we should visit her and we decided to share a message on faith with her. When we got there, that was exactly what she needed!!! She had been struggling to know if this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. She said she has only prayed a handful of times in 2 years about it. She doesn't read the BOM either. She felt like she lost her faith because Heavenly Father never gave her an answer. I shared with her that only through the trial of your faith that He will answer your prayers. I told her that if she shows Him that she has the faith that He will answer her. read the BOM and pray everyday, that He WILL answer her. It will just be on His timetable. She committed to reading and praying everyday from that day on. She said that she will give it a try and when she said the closing prayer, she started to cry. I could feel the spirit so strongly in that room. I knew she was struggling so much inside and all I wanted to tell her was "It is true!!! Can't you feel it!?" but I also know she needs to find out for herself and gain her own testimony. I told her that Heavenly Father really loves her and understands what she is going through. It was such a cool experience! I knew we were definitely guided by the Holy Ghost to go visit her. 
This week, we also taught this lady Zheng Jie Mei. She is so close to baptism but can't come to church because of work. Last Monday, I extended an invitation to her to ask her boss if she could get work off and that if she had the faith, she will be able to come to church. Guess what?! The Lord blessed her with a miracle and she got work off! It was SO great to see her at the ward activity AND at church!! I've been praying for her and I know that the Lord is really watching over her. So many miracles! What a huge blessing!
I'm loving the work. My companion is great! She is a good trainer. I'm learning the language slowly but surely. I really want to get Phase 1 DONE by the time training is over. Biking feels a lot better here now and the food is great! I'm so happy I can be a missionary at this time because I know I am here for a reason. I love seeing other people's heart change and their desire to learn more and exercise fatih. Faith is so crucial. Without it, we can't do anything! 

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