Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello family!

Nimen hao ma?

It was so good to talk to everyone last Mother's day!!! So crazy but so fun to see everyone's faces. Hope you are all doing well. Give me an update on life please. What is everyone doing everyday? Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad! And Happy Birthday to Jocelyn! yay! so update on my mosquito/xiao hei wen bites. I now have over 200 bites just on my lower legs. and i have about 30 on my arms. um...i guess bugs just love me!?!!??!?! i got one on my eye that swelled up. I dont even itch them and they swell...only the mosquito bites swell. the xiao hei wen just get pussy. i know gross right? I went to the pharmacy the other day to pick up some creme for my legs and when i asked the lady what was good for my legs and showed them to her, she screamed and was like Woah!!! What happened?!?! haha. Everyone on the streets and my investigators are always shocked to see my legs. I love everyone's reactions. The picture does not do it justice. just imagine it everywhere and more red and pussy. yum. any suggestions on what i should do? i feel like ive tried so many cremes. Then the sister huang, the native that lives with us, got this liquid thing out and she said that it should stop the itching. so i put some on my arms and legs and it BURNED...beccause i have opened wounds. and guess what?! it was AMMONIA! thats why it burned. but hey, the itching stopped for a few hours. but still it hurt so bad. anyways, today for pday, i want to clean clean clean. our apartment is kinda gross. everyone just needs to be cleaner. oh well. i have an OCD problem. i hate how messy everything is. Mom, you taught me well. Im loving Ji'an. The food is great. hehe. Biking is getting better and the language is coming along. I get asked EVERYDAY by someone if I am japanese or korean. Actually multiple times a day. Then i say im from america and that I'm Chinese. they are like ohhh you are an ABC! haha. Do I really look japanese or korean? so funny. ohhh and we went to this girl's house, she is only 18 and invited the both sets of sister missionaries over for lunch with her friends, and her house is AMAZING!!! it is huge and 4 stories tall and is custom made and super modern. We went to the top floor to eat and guess what?! There is a ballet/dance studio!!! all i wanted to do is dance! ahhh so cool! then i looked at the mirror and realized how bad my legs looked. we dont have a full length mirror so, it was quite a surprise. 

Here is part of my email to my mission president, so i don't have to retype everything to you. time is limited here. 
Once again, the Lord just is so generous and pours out his blessing and miracles to us missionaries. This week, we met with one of our investigators, Zhen JM, and taught her about the Sabbath Day. She got work off last Sunday to come to Church which was a HUGE blessing. We invited her to be baptized and she was really hesitant at first, but then we set a date for 6/22! I believe she will be ready before hand, but the only problem is getting her to Church 3 times before that date since she works on Sundays. I believe that the Lord will provide a way for her to get to church. 
We had a few opportunities to do service this week. We helped the Primary President clean her new house and we helped a recent convert, Chen JM, clean her house as well. I love serving others because it really makes me happy inside and I can tell they are happy too. Chen JM is kind of having a faith issue but I believe she is progressing as she makes more friends in the Church. She told us that she really likes it when we listen to her  and tell her when we don't understand something she said because she has run into missionaries before that would just jump over her problem since they didn't understand. This taught me how important listening is and asking questions! I can't be afraid to ask questions when I don't understand something. Chen JM was really happy we came to help her. She said she doesn't know where to start to organize her house. We are coming this week again to help her with the Elders. 
We have this golden investigator Lin JM. She is 16 and seems so interested in the Church. She is really shy though. We taught her the Restoration and she came to church yesterday too! She started reading the BOM and seems to like it. Her baptism date is 6/22 and I think she will be prepared if she continues to come to church. I love her sweet spirit. Hopefully her parents won't be opposed to her coming to church. 
The Ling Family that we have been meeting with are so wonderful. The mom is still praying to know if our Church is true and if the BOM is true. The kids are also reading the BOM. They haven't set a baptism date yet because the mom still wants to know before she sets a date. We will keep working with them. They have a lot of faith and I always feel the Spirit when we teach or visit them. I have faith that Heavenly Father will answer their prayers soon! 
We have placed about 7 BOMs this week. I love the spirit I feel when I explain to someone what the BOM is. I think our district has gone through 3 boxes of BOMs. It's GREAT! Instead of the rain flooding Taiwan, BOMs are! 

Well, I love you all so much! The videos of Mia were sooo cute!!! she is growing up too fast! send me some pictures of everyone. 

Sister Chao 


  1. Hey there! My name is McKenna and I am actually leaving in a month to serve in Taiwan Taipei! I stumbled upon this blog when doing some research. I am trying to figure out what kind of bag/purse to use while on my mission. To Sister Chao's parents or whoever updates this blog...could you tell me what kind of bag Sister Chao is using or what you would recommend? I figured since it is a biking mission we would need a specific type of bag. It would help a lot! Thanks!

  2. Her bag is Osprey brand. She loves it!