Thursday, April 4, 2013

Only 3 More Weeks!!

Ni hao!!!
Can't believe I've been here for 6 weeks! Three more weeks from today and I'll be on my way to Taiwan! Yay!!!!! Thanks for the Plan of Salvation puzzle Rachel and Alma! I got the puzzle at lunch time and we were teaching Jiu'en Jihua (plan of salv.) that night!! Can you just say perfect timing?!?! We used it I figured out what each little puzzle said. So thank you, it was very helpful. My investigator seemed to like it. Also, I got the Easter package from the Melendez! Thank you so much! I shared the cookies with my district so I wouldn't eat them all by myself. I love getting mail, it's like Christmas. haha. So guess what? Apparently I'm not allowed to run outside around the temple anymore. We've been doing it for the past 4 weeks and even asked the security guards if we could (they said yes). Then last week, we came back from our run and one of the guards was like oh you can't run around the temple unless the field is open. So now we are only allowed to run around the MTC within the gates. Oh well, hopefully they will open the field up soon. This past week was SO warm I loved it. I sat outside for language study on Friday and Saturday and now i have a major watch tanline. haha. Easter sunday was so beautiful. But now it is rainy and cold. Utah weather is crazy! Oh and we did get two new sisters in our room! so now we have 6 girls living in a cramped room with 4 tiny closets. it's fun...They are really nice though and i like them a lot. They are going to the Birmingham England mission and will only be at the MTC for 12 days. Also, I can't go to the temple early in the mornings anymore. We have to go to the 1:45 session now or do sealings or initiatories during that time. So now we get to eat lunch there. yay! :)
So Easter Sunday. The most beautiful day! It was so sunny and the sky was blue and it couldn't have been more perfect. We got to choir practice super early even though our seats were saved. Sisters are crazy here. Everyone wants to be in the choir because that means you get a seat during devotional. So last week, we were 1 hour 30 min early waiting in line so we could be in the choir on easter sunday. IT was crazy. It's like survival of the fittest trying to get a seat. I dont like it. Basically I'm only doing choir so i can get a seat. but I love the choir director. he is funny. Maybe my singing skills will improve? Definitely not a good singer. ha. So we all expected some big general authority to come and speak on easter. No apostle came unfortunately. However, the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Causse, came and spoke at the morning sacrament meeting devo. He was great. Talked about love and how the salvation of others are in our hands. He also talked about how in order to be a witness of Christ, you have to KNOW Him. We need to share the good news and partake of the fruit (love of God). Obtaining access to the Atonement and to feel the love of Heavenly Father is at the heart of missionary work. We need to tell everyone that He Lives! So good. It was an MTC wide sacrament meeting on Easter and it was so cool. The Spirit was so strong in the room. Over 3,000 missionaries were taking the sacrament at the same time! Then for the night devotional, SHERI DEW came and spoke! I love her!!! Her talk was one of my favorites at the MTC. She is so successful and inspiring. I can't believe she is not married! She is an incredible woman! She talked a lot about the Atonement. I love her view of the Atonment. It made me realize even more how far encompassing the Atonement can be. The Savior is the ONLY chance to feel hope, be healed, overcome weaknesses, repent, forgive others, successfully deal with the adversary, resolve hatred, avoid envy and jealousy, receive eternal life, find true happiness, and many more! I never thought of it that way before. If you are feeling anxious, nervous, fearful of the future, or weak, the SAVIOR IS THE ANSWER! She also said that one way you know you were a successful missionary is if you love the Lord MORE than you love Him today. I loved that. Anyways, Easter was such a good day. What did everyone do for easter? How was church? D&C 4, D&C 90:11, and Ether 12:27 are a few of my favorite scriptures this week. The field is white and ready to harvest! The Gospel is being taught all over the world in their native tongues. How awesome is that?! If we are humble and have faith, our weaknesses will become strengths. The mission is going well. I love it and I am so glad I am here right now. Wouldn't want to be doing anything else now.
Do the cousin's know my email address? Tell Clinton to write me. Also how is baby Mia doing? Can you email me a picture of her and also print pictures of your family Aborn and send it to me? I want to see what Mia looks like now. I miss her!! Also, Rachel, tell the kids i say hi!!! and Veronica, hope everything is going well with the baby! :) Alma and rachel, thanks for the dear elders this week. Sorry, don't have time to respond to everyone personally. Hope my emails arent too boring. Keep up the letters. They are the bestt. It was fun hearing from a few friends and Tamir! Hope everything is great at home. How is mom doing and yeye?  I'm praying for each of you everyday!
Wo ai nimen hen duo!
Sister Chao
P.S. I'll be sending pictures later.

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