Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LAST week at the MTC!! Holla!

Ni hao!!!
Okay so let's just say I am BEYOND excited to go to taiwan!!! One week from today! So send any packages soon....like today. Mom and dad, I got your package. the bread was still good and the sisters in my district loved them. Xiexie! I got the oils from Sister teng. I will be mailing the diffuser back this week...I might be mailing it to Alma and Rachel's...because mom wont be home to check the mail and dad is gone. Hopefully my suitcases are not over 50lbs!! Alma, will they have dictionaries that have pinyin in them and english in taiwan?? I need a pocket one for my first week so i dont feel so lost in words. but maybe ill just get one out there. oh and Happy Birthday Keely!!!! Okay so here are my TRAVEL PLANS!!! We are flying Delta Airlines all the way to Taiwan. Weird huh? I have to report to the MTC travel office at 4AM on Tuesday the 23rd! so early!
Flight 1950
Leaving: SLC at 7:15AM
Arrive: Detroit Metro, MI at 12:46 PM
Leaving: Detroit at 3:25PM
Arrive: Taipei, Taiwan at 9:25PM on april 24th
So I will be calling somewhere inbetween 1 pm and 3pm detroit time...hopefully by at least 1:30pm because mom leaves for work and I want to talk to her. So if it is a 3 hour time difference, I will be calling around 10:30AM california time maybe??? can the kids skip school? i really want to talk to them. I have a calling card. I will be calling alma's phone. so pick up! :) have everyone at our house...then i can talk to gugu, pingshang, and yeye too. If i have time, I'll call Aborn's cell after and veronica. sound good? any comments, dear elder me this week! I dont think I will be checking my email until my next pday in Taiwan...so like in 2 weeks.
I only have a few minutes left to email, time flies when i email!! and now i can email friends. Did you post on my FB and the cousins page that i can email them? Problem is, they need to email me first because I dont have anyone's email. so tell clint and tracy to email me...i got a letter from tracy. I will be writing her back before i leave. and dear elders work differently when i get to taiwan. you have to pay. so let them know.
This week was rough but it was also really good. Gerald Lund came and spoke on revelation which was cool. An area of the seventy (of Taiwan) came to visit. He knows dad. His name is Juan, Jui Chang. He came to our alpine house for the doterra meeting. Small word. All the chinese people here to doterra. weird. Oh and funny experience at the temple...this old man asked if i was going back to my home country to serve. haha.
So this week, one of our investigators told us she had a chastity problem a few days after our lesson on it. I knew exactly what I wanted to tell her in english and how to help her but i just couldn't fully express myself to her in Chinese. It was so frustrating because I wanted to help her so bad and my companion didnt know how to tell her either. So i was trying my best, but coming out of that lesson i felt like i had failed. The only thing i wanted to do was help her and i thought i didn't do my job. I just couldnt say what i wanted to say to her. it was SO frustrating. Anyways, then Bro. Liu, an AMAZING teacher/zone resource, talked to me and my companion later and asked us what was wrong. He helped us through it and gave us some advice. Then our next lesson with her, we knew exactly how to address her problem and it was probably one of the best lessons we've ever had. It was great!!! She really understood our message and wanted to repent. I love how HF gives us challenges to try our faith and help us grow. He will never leave you in the dust though! Also, my teacher bro. seibert coached for one of the coaching sessions and invited me to really use the spirit and rely on the spirit when i teach. The next day, we had our last TRC and we taught this couple, mom and her highschool aged son. He didnt seem too happy to be there. They are from Taiwan. Anyways, we asked him a question about how he receives revelation or answers to his prayers. He said that he doesnt know whether his thoughts are his own or coming from God or coming from Satan. His mom was trying to tell him all these things, and then a scripture came to my mind in Moroni 7:12-13!! I'm no scriptorian and this was definitely the spirit telling me this. I knew exactly what scripture to share with him. It was so cool to see the spirit witness things to me at the very moment I needed it. I love that promise in D&C 84? or something like that. i cant remember. but the spirit will reveal to you what you should say at that very moment!!! so awesome! and i know that is true!! It was the best feeling ever because I could help that teenage boy. So that was a really great TRC experience. I hope i will have more experiences like this out in the field. I know that when i rely on the spirit, he will do great things! I need to act on the promptings i receive. so cool.
Anyways, the next time i email will be in taiwan probably!! Can't wait to talk to you all. Dear elder me this week!!! if you need to send stuff, send it now. love you and cant wait to get out there!!! Dad, my chinese is improving but still not very fluent. oh well....i think being in taiwan will help me pick it up faster. man man lai. Wo ai nimen!! have a fun trip dad!!! too bad you can't talk to me! tell the kids i say hi! give mia a kiss for me. and maybe ill see kira in taiwan!

Sister Chao

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