Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Month Done!

Hello Jiating!
Thanks for the package mom and dad!!! I've used the diffuser and it works great. Thanks for the package Alma!!!! I already opened the kind bars and ate 1 of them. Im trying to save them. haha. Mom and Alma sent me mangoes. I shared the Pocky with my district. Thanks for the package Megan! The kneaders bread was SO good! Rachel, i got the pictures of Mia and the kids and i showed everyone in my district and they loved them!!! They loved how chubby mia looked! You should email them to Aborn. I miss my little baby mia! :) Oh and Aborn, I do get your dearelders. so no worries, they are making it to me just fine. Thanks and keep them coming!
I can't believe I've been here for 4 weeks. Time flies most of the time now. I have 5 more weeks! yay!!! I also get to call home during the layover to Taiwan. I'm hoping it will be in SF! Hm...can you visit me then and bring me food at the airport?! haha. I bet not. But I get to call home, so that will probably be around April 23rd ish. We don't get travel plans until 2 weeks before we leave. Dad, did you get the check from the Church for my plane ticket to Utah?
Well, this week I taught my 2 progressing investigators that are actually my teachers and 1 progressing investigator that we just got, but we get to teach her in English. We taught our one investigator Liang jie mei about faith and used some props. I got a few of my sunflower seeds, some dirt, a cup of water and we drew a picture of a sun. We compared how faith was like a little seed in Alma 32. It was fun and she loved it. Then we taught Li di xiong about the purpose of life. We compared it to a basketball game. (He likes basketball). We said that when you play basketball, you can't win the game on your own. You need team members to help you. It's like life, you can't return to Heavenly Father on your own, you need Jesus Christ and His Atonement, Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, the scriptures, prayer, and going to church. He liked that too. He has a smoking problem and has a hard time quitting. Any ideas on how we can help? We taught him about faith and stuff. But it's fun teaching when we get creative.
TRC this week was so good as well. I love TRC. We do TRC's every Sat and I think Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays are my favorite days. We taught this lady from Taiwan and this lady from Singapore. They are both members and it is so great to just hear their experiences with the Church and prayer, since the topic was on prayer. Then I taught this guy named Bro. Tsai. He goes to BYU and is from D.C. He went on his mission 2 years ago to Australia, same mission as Aborn. I showed him a picture of our family and he said he recognized alma?? Or he said that Alma looked familiar. ha. I dont think he knows you though. Anyways, TRC is great because we get to teach real people and listen to their stories. It also helps my chinese when i listen to natives speak it.
Sunday was amazing as always. It's so spiritual on Sundays especially. The sisters get to listen/watch Music and the Spoken word and they sung Teach Me to Walk in the Light, Called to Serve, and Come Thou Font of Every Blessing. It was so good!!! Music really does bring the Spirit into the room. The general Primary president or counselor came and spoke. She said that we are on missions to help others see themselves as how Jesus sees them. We are to give them that perspective on life. I thought that was interesting. For devotional that night, the director of missionary assistance spoke. He talked about examples in the scriptures about stones and rocks and how the BOM is the keystone of our religion and the D&C is the capstone. We need to turn the little pieces of faith that are thrown at us into something strong like a stone. We can become something new, stronger than sand. Be on the winning team because the Gospel will ultimately win! yeah! Then for the film devo, I chose to go watch Elder Holland's MTC devo given on Thanksgiving last year called "For Such A Time As This". He said that your mission is real life. Don't think that your life before or after is real life. This IS real life now! You will never be closer to God than you're going to be while you are on your mission. You will do things that are EQUALLY important but NOT more important than your mission. So, temple marriage and having a family is EQUALLY as important as a mission but not more. I thought that was so cool! 24/7 you are engaged in the saving of a human soul. that is the most important thing you will do. Everything God does is devoted to the saving of His children. I loved his perspective on that.
Anyways, I went running like 3 times outside since last p-day. It has been so nice here!! I asked the security guard if i could run around the temple and he said yes! yay! It was so nice to run outside and enjoy fresh air. Except, on Sat I accidentally rolled my left ankle a little because of the construction outside. The sidewalk had a huge crack in it but i didnt see it because i was looking straight ahead. Oops. I just rubbed it out a little and kept running. But then it kept hurting after and for the next 2 days. I was like oh shoot, i hurt my good ankle. But I used some deep blue oil on it and now its pretty much all better. :) Thank goodness. Food is still the same. Some days are better than others. I dont really know what else to tell you on that. I went without eating sugar for 4.5 days straight! but then this sister dropped off homemade dark chocolate chip cookies last night and i couldnt resist that!! so i had one. and then this morning at the temple, I had half a waffle. I'm starting no sugar again tomorrow, at least for a few days, maybe till next p-day. I think my companion is going to join me on this. But rachel, if you send me those cookies, i will still eat them. :) Just saying. Oh and today i did sealings at the temple! I loved it! Now these families can be together forever! yay!
Okay, I'm out of time. Tell the kids to write me! I love hearing from them. and keep using dearelder. They are great! Miss you and love you all!
Wo ai nimen!
Sister Chao
Zhao Jie Mei

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