Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1/3 done at the MTC!

Ni Hao Jiating! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! Wo ai ni! 

Again, my thoughts are all scattered. Everyday seems like a blur and the same. I write everything down in my journal but when it comes to emailing, i never know what to tell you guys. Oh, my rash is all better. :) 

I guess I can start with food update. Don't worry everyone, I'm not starving here. Just not the best foods here. Cafeteria food just gets really nasty after the first few days. Salads are too. But the nutrition room that i get access to is not as horrible (close but slightly better) so that's good. Fridays are pizza days (which made me think of the kids) so they asked me if i wanted some without cheese and i said okay. So I get 2 slices of veggie pizza without cheese. hahaa. We'll see how that is. Tell the kiddos that i'll be eating pizza with them on Friday! Sundays are probably the worst food days. No salad wrap bar, because they serve ice cream there lunch and dinner. Basically lunch and dinner on sundays are full of meat and unhealthy foods. Sometimes they will have more vegetables in the nutrition room, but last sunday they only had peas and carrots!!! so I made myself a PB&J sandwich and ate some fruit. But don't worry, the other days are decent and i can survive. So mom, DONT WORRY! :) Also, on p-days we go to the temple early in the morning so we can eat breakfast there. Today we did a session and then I had the most divine lemon poppy seed muffin for breakfast. Yes, I was dying, it was so good. You all know i love lemon poppyseed anything! Rachel, i'm missing your lemon cake right now! Also, kale smoothies and anything kale. I usually get a cookie to keep me sane. ha. They are good here. 

Well, on Sunday while I was eating lunch, I sat by Sis. Cathy Teng and Bro. Teng. Bro. Teng is the 2nd counselor in the Branch Presidency. Sis. Teng kept telling me that i looked so familiar. And she told me she goes to Taiwan a lot and she asked me who my dad was. I told her and she was like "Oh! He is David Hsiung's friend!" Of course she does DoTerra too and she said she has been to our Alpine house for a DoTerra meeting. Small world. I took a picture with her and she said she would text it to you dad. Did you get the text? I told her to say hi to you. The Asian community is so small in Utah. Everyone knows everyone! Amanda Burr came to the MTC and she is in my branch. It's fun seeing a familiar face here. Our branch president spoke to us in Sacrament meeting and the theme was how to recognize the spirit. He talked about how if you are worthy and obedient, just go and do! Have faith in God and the Holy Ghost. Don't worry about it. Don't be so worried if you are feeling the spirit or not. You won't always realize it until after. You will have the spirit if you are doing what's right and make good choices, using your best judgment. I loved how he said that your life will be defined by the mission you serve. It made me think that I needed to do everything I could to make this the best mission possible. If I work hard, God will bless me, not only now but my life after the mission. Oh and every sunday, all the missionaries have to have a 5 minute talk prepared in Chinese about the topic and then the Branch president will randomly pick who is going to talk. You won't know until they announce it. kinda scary, but so far i haven't been picked. 

We have TRC's every Saturday morning. This is when we get to go teach volunteers (usually BYU students) a lesson. It was so fun! Both of our people that we taught were students at BYU. We taught them how God loves his children and how he can bless our families. We asked them to share their experiences and the spirit was so strong. It was fun and I wasn't as nervous to teach real people (even though they are members). It was nice to teach people who weren't our teachers. I saw Michelle Hsiung too! 

We have 3 progressing investigators. Two of those investigators are actually our teachers that have a different profile. It get a little nervous sometimes going into a lesson because I know they are evaluating us. Sometimes we teach in a room with a glass window where we can't see in but there are other teachers on the other side evaluating and watching us. We had a really good lesson with one of our investigators Liang Jie Mei. We taught her about the Holy Ghost and the first lesson. It was really good, even though my chinese is limited. I have to pause a lot to think about what i want to say. we ask her a lot of questions and sometimes her questions are so hard that I don't know how to respond in Chinese! And my companion has no idea what she is saying so i have to try and answer it. haha. It's fun. She asked me if Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father were Americans because they are White. I was like UHHH Jesus Chirst is from Jerusalem? hahaha. I really did not know how to answer in Chinese. I told her Joseph Smith is from America though. Anyways, i'm really trying to learn to teach without notes. My companion and I write down our lesson plans and English, but then i just keep it in English and just translate it as I go. If i'm unsure about how to say a word in chinese, i'll write it on the side. My goal is go in without notes someday. I need to rely on the gift of tongues more and the spirit when it comes to what to say. It's hard because I want to say so much but sometimes I don't know how. I think that's the hardest thing. 

Interesting story. On Friday night, everyone in my room decided to go to the big gym for gym time. Thats where they play basketball, volleyball, and foursquare. I don't play any of that, I just go upstairs to the track and run 35 laps. It gets super boring, but i have to stay in shape. Anyways after gym, I go downstairs and one of the girls in my room broke her pinky finger playing volleyball! They thought it was just dislocated but she ended up going to the ER because it was broken. Ends up she is getting surgery next monday. Poor girl. She is a lefty and she has a huge cast on her left hand. We have to help her put on her clothes and cut up her food. But she is strong. 

Also, the MTC people just put a mini refrigerator in our room!! that means we are probably getting 2 new girls in our room tomorrow and one of them must have diabetes or something. BUT how in the world are we going to fit 6 girls in our room? Yeah...we've been lucky with just four, but they added another bunkbed to every room but didn't add another little closet space. There are only four closets and four desks, so i have no idea where they are going to put all their stuff. Nothing against them, but our room is just really small. oh well, it will be an adventure. Im excited to meet the new girls though. So now that we have a refrigerator, I need to take advantage of it!!! 

Okay, well i'm out of time! Love you all! Write me dear elders during the week so i can read them before p-day! 

Sister Chao

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