Friday, February 22, 2013

Not the best way to start off at the MTC

Hello family!
Well, It's friday and we get to e-mail our family real quick to tell them we are alive. We are normally just allowed to email on Tuesdays, which is our P-day. We haven't been able to check the mail yet, so I haven't received any dearelders yet. I will probably get them tonight or tomorrow, so sorry I won't be responding to those questions if you had any.
The first day was good. Got here, got my name tag, put away my luggage, and went to class. The class was all in Chinese and I understood all of it. It was just things like ni hao ma? haha. It was fun. My teacher seems like a very recent return missionary and has a strong American accent when he teaches Chinese. Dad I was thinking of you the whole time and couldn't stop laughing inside. It is actually really hard to learn from him because he pronounces things weird and i feel like I'm going to speak like him, which i hope not to. I wish they would have a native teach us so we can hear the correct accent. Dad i wish you were our teacher. Okay, what you have all been waiting for...the FOOD. We had dinner at 4:15!!!! So early!!! Let's just say the food was worse than i thought. They were serving Fried Chicken with nasty gravy and mashed potatoes. yep...and no wrap bar today because it was ice cream instead. And the salad bar only had lettuce, carrots, and ranch. So, I ate a little bowl of granola with almond milk. Yes they have almond milk!! And i ate cantalope and stole an apple for later. I was hungry that night. Then we just had more orientation stuff. When i went to bed, I had the biggest headache and felt so nauseous. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I think i may have fallen asleep at 3AM. Then I woke up at 6:30am and while i was getting ready, i became really sick. i didnt want to tell the nurse because i knew they would keep me in bed. And i didn't want to drag my companion and watch me nap. So i just tried to man up, and went to breakfast with everyone and class. But i felt really sick the whole day and felt achy and cold and dizzy. So at 2PM they told me i had to go to the clinic, which was so unhelpful. I just went back to my room and napped for 2 hours. Then i decided to go back and we had a long meeting and met our branch presidency. I still felt really sick and didn't feel better. I already missed class and we have to teach our first investigator in chinese today....we will see how that goes. But I got a blessing last night and feel a lot better today, but still felt sick. So i had to miss gym time and sleep. All I'm allowed to eat in bread, crackers, apple sauce, and drink gatorade or water. SICK. I feel so gross. Hopefully this will pass soon. I don't like missing class. Don't worry dad, I've been using on guard and digest zen.
Oh and my companion is Sister Oborn from Roseville, CA. She is a red head too! I like her alot. We get along great. She doesnt know any chinese so the language is really hard for her. She is lactose intolerant and likes to work out like me. She eats really healthy too. But there hasnt been much to eat here. So many fried foods. Ew.
I know Satan is just trying to stop the work of missionaries but I have faith i will get better soon. We had 1200 missionaries come in this wednesday. the biggest group yet. And there are SO many chinese missionaries. They never had this many new chinese missionaries come in at the same time. Cool huh? Anyways, I have to go now. I'm running out of time and I have to write a letter to the Branch President. Love you all!!
Wo ai nimen,
Sister Chao
Zhao jie mei

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